Sofia 365: Day 158

Day 158: 8.16.12

Thursday was day 3 on set, and another long work day. Although I was missing Sofie I was glad that we decided to let her stay with my parents because I was hardly home. The majority of my time spent at home while I was working the past few weeks was to sleep and shower, there just wasn’t any time for anything else! (and now I have a lot of laundry and cleaning to catch up on)…

This is such an adorable picture of Sofie though, my parents did a great job of picking up my slack as far as photos!

Happy Face!

Sofia 365: Day 157

Day 157: 8.15.12

Wednesday was my 2nd day on set, and my first full day away from Sofie for the week. I was so busy though, I hardly had time to miss her, but I still did!

It was such a hot day, though we spent the most of it inside, I was still melting!

It looked like Sofie stayed cool though, she looks like a little sailor baby in her outfit. I love it!

Sailor Babe.

Sofia 365: Day 156

Day 156: 8.14.12

Tuesday, the 14th was my first day on set of the local feature film I was doing hair and makeup for. After spending the night over at my parents with Sofie, I got ready to go in the morning to start my first day.
I was excited to be working on a new project, and this is one of the biggest productions I’ve worked on so far.

Snapped a photo of Sofia before leaving in the morning; still in her pj’s looking as adorable as ever. I was really going to miss her while I was working (and I did)!

Onesie Girl.

Sofia 365: Day 163

Day 163: 8.21.12

Alrighty, we’re basically half-way through my photo catch up! These past few weeks have been such a blur!
Movie making, makeup, driving, long days, and eating very badly pretty much sums up most of it.

I will try to get through these next set of photos quickly; I just hate being behind!

Here’s Sofie’s photo from last Tuesday: all dressed in blue, wonder what she’s thinking about… scheming, most likely…

Blue Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 155

Day 155: 8.13.12

I’m finally back! I know that I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks but I have a good reason! I’ve been working as the key makeup and hair artist for a local independent feature film and I’ve barely seen the inside of my house!
Now that I’m more behind than EVER, it’s time to work on catching up, as always.
I only have a moment to post one, before I head out, but see this as a teaser, and the rest will come very soon!

Last Monday, I drove over to my parent’s house to drop Sofie off for the rest of the week as I was starting my first day for the film project and had some long days ahead of me. I knew both Jason and I would really miss her but it was for the best that she be with family instead of having to deal with day care.

After arriving at my parents place I spent one last night with Sofie before driving back over to Seattle in the morning to start my shoot. We snapped this photo in the afternoon once we got to my parents house. I love this little outfit!

Green Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 154

Day 154: 8.12.12

Yet another busy day on Sunday. Sofia stayed home and spent some quality time with her dad as my beauty company was helping to sponsor a photo shoot networking event in Seattle.
I had a good day doing hair and makeup for models and meeting photographers, as well as promoting my company.

I was definitely excited to go home though. It was a long, hot day, and I just wanted to get some food and spend some time with my little girl as the next week was going to be even busier.

Now that I’ve realized I have left my camera in my car, I will need to finish the photo updates a little later.

It was good to get a little caught up though, I was starting to get anxious.

Well, until next time…

Bubble Skirt.

Sofia 365: Day 153

Day 153: 8.11.12

Saturday was another work day for me again.
After a quick wedding job in Seattle, it was off to a beach wedding celebration for my good friend from high school and his partner.
Sofia was dropped off for the wedding after spending the late morning at her grandma’s house.

It was so nice to spend some time as a family and do some socializing. I really think it’s great for Sofia to meet new people and experience different places with her dad and I.

She did pretty well and had some fun at the beach and park. We were all pretty tired so didn’t stay long, but it was a lovely evening nevertheless.

Sofie looked pretty cute in her dress, too.

Dressy Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 152

Day 152: 8.10.12

Goodness, what a whirlwind few days…

It’s time to slowly but surely start catching up on photos again. A habit I’ve sadly gotten a little too comfortable with.

I can hardly even remember the days… last Friday I worked all day at a video shoot, so Sofia went over to her Grandma’s again.
The weather was great, and it looked like she had a good day. I even was able to get off early so I could spend some of the evening with her, which was great.

I love that little girl; rocking her new adorable outfit.


Sofia 365: Day 151

Day 151: 8.9.12

Whew, it always feels so great when I’m all caught up on photos. I hate the feeling of being behind.

Today was a nice slow day, perfectly fine with me since I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me.
A little laundry, a little tinkering, and mostly just hanging out with Sofie.

She was so pooped by the end of the day since she didn’t nap, she went to sleep a little early, but I’m not complaining!

Here she is, all surrounded by her little dog dogs.

Dog Dogs.

Sofia 365: Day 150

Day 150: 8.8.12

Here we are!
We made it to day 150 (although posted a day late)! Still, I think that’s definitely something to celebrate! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far already.

I know I say this a lot but it’s crazy to think about all the photos I’ve captured over the past 150+ days; I’ve finally decided how I want to capture her growth and transformation at the end of it all, but I’ll keep mum on most of the details for now… It’s going to be cool though!

I had a trial session in the morning so shortly after getting up and ready I whisked Sofie away to her grandma’s house where she spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon. The weather was still super over-cast but the temperature was pretty ideal. Not too hot, not too cold.

After getting back from my morning work and errands I took Sofie home to hand out for a bit, and by then it was about time for dinner. All in all a pretty standard day.

I did just get a job working on a film for the next few weeks so things are definitely going to be a little more hectic around here… I’m excited, but also nervous. Keep tuned for everything!

I guess if I had realized it was day 150 I would have taken some more exciting photos, but oh well… here’s Sofie in her little onesie, just being… “Sofie”. 🙂

Day 150!