Sofia 365: Day 119

Day 119 7.7.12

Saturday was another long day for me; up at 4:30 a.m. for a long drive to Gig Harbor for a huge wedding party. Two assistant artists, and a ton of ladies waiting to be beautified! It was such a gorgeous day out, I hope the rest of the wedding went well!

After the wedding I had to run back to Seattle and drop off my other artists, then get ready for a trial session with another bride that afternoon at my friend Katie’s salon. I did get to have a little fun that evening and catch up with my friend Katie from beauty school, we had a good time getting dinner and drinks and enjoying some of the late afternoon/evening sun.  It was nice being able to go out and be with friends; another thing about living in the city that I miss, there’s always someone to hang out with!

Here’s the photo my parents took of Sofie from Saturday. She looks so toasty with her rosy little cheeks, love that blue dress.

Blue Dress.

Sofia 365: Day 106

Day 106: 6.24.12

Alrighty, we’re all caught up for now!

Sunday was a slower day, but I still had another wedding to do, so didn’t get too much of a chance to sleep in. It was such a great day for a wedding too. Also, it was Pride weekend, I kind of wish I went to check it out for a bit, but there’s always next year!

After getting home I spent some time organizing the house (my work never stops!). I just don’t know how it ends up getting so messy sometimes, but I enjoy cleaning and organizing (totally ocd) so it isn’t necessarily something I do begrudgingly.

Here’s Sofie from Sunday, look at her in her cute summer clothes; purposely or not, my mom had her in perfect socks for Pride too! 🙂

Pride Socks!

Sofia 365: Day 105

Day 105: 6.23.12

Saturday was such a long day… I had a traditional Indian wedding to do that day, and since the ceremony started in the early morning, I was up by 2:30, yes AM, to get to the bride’s house by 3:30 to do her hair and makeup. I also had a hair trial that afternoon, then I came back in the evening to change the bride’s look for her evening ceremony. Besides a 1 hour nap in-between clients in the morning, I probably ended up being awake for close to 22 hours that day.

Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Though I will say, it was worth it to get the unique experience to work on such a special wedding and do something a little out of my comfort zone. (Tune in to my Beauty Blog for updates and photos from that wedding, coming soon!).

Here’s Sofie’s photo from my parent’s house on Saturday. What a little goof ball.


On Turning 21

Hey guys!
I know I haven’t done a video in a while, but things have been quite busy.
I did want to get this post up though, because I have had a lot of time for reflection the past few weeks and I wanted to share what I have been thinking about and going through. Turning 21 is a huge milestone, and being a young mom on top of that comes with its own set of challenges and feelings.

Thanks for watching, and hope you enjoy!
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(I am quite aware that I use a lot of “filler” words when I ramble and get nervous, so I’m sorry that I say “you know” like a million times in this video.)

[Update] …. Just a little photo from the night. Needless to say, I had a great time.

At “The Unicorn”