Sofia 365: Day 251

Day 251: 11.17.12

That Saturday, I had a wedding to do, so after having a nice family breakfast with Sofie, I headed over to Jason’s mom’s to drop Sofie off for the afternoon.
My wedding was up north, and after realizing I had left my airbrush kit at my studio, I doubled back to Seattle before finally jetting off to my wedding.

I had a super nice, and chill bride along with her whole bridal party, so it just made my life all the easier.

After getting everybody finished and sending them on their way, I packed up and headed back to pick up Sofie.
Traffic was pretty bad on my way back home seeing that it was rainy, dark and slick. I passed two accidents on my way to get Sofie!

After picking up the girl, I headed back home for a late night family dinner, and crashed after a long busy day.

Here’s Sofie’s picture that I took before heading out for the day; she’s sporting a new dress I got for her! I think it’s adorable.

Cheetah Baby.
Cheetah Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 245

Day 245: 11.11.12

Sunday was another long day of work for me, but still fun.
After waking up and shooting out of bed (running late), I headed back down to my studio to start the day on set again for my friend’s webseries project. Not necessarily scheduled, but since they were shooting in the neighborhood again, it just made sense to have them use my space again.

I had a wedding job to do in the afternoon, but spent the morning doing makeup of another sort (some light special fx…); I do like being able to mix things up.

Shooting was unfortunately cut short that day as a huge truck was blocking the set location in the alley, (oh, Seattle low budget projects…). However, I had another job to go to anywas, so on the bright side I didn’t need to worry about who would be taking care of touch-ups on the actors after I left.

My wedding was conveniently happening just down the street from my studio, so once I packed up my kit into my car I just zipped down the street and met my bride and her fun bridesmaids just down the street at the Edgewater Hotel.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing hair and makeup for the bridal party, and finished them just in time for her evening ceremony down at the Aquarium. Sounds like fun huh?

After all that was said and done, I headed back home and got ready with Jason to go for a few drinks with our friends Autumn and Seth.
It was a fun night doing a little bar hopping around Capitol Hill, but after all was said and done, I was so ready to go home and crash. I passed out shortly before midnight. What a partier, right?

Looks like my parents had to chase Sofie around for photos, but they got her cornered. Ah well, sometimes she just doesn’t cooperate!


Sofia 365: Day 153

Day 153: 8.11.12

Saturday was another work day for me again.
After a quick wedding job in Seattle, it was off to a beach wedding celebration for my good friend from high school and his partner.
Sofia was dropped off for the wedding after spending the late morning at her grandma’s house.

It was so nice to spend some time as a family and do some socializing. I really think it’s great for Sofia to meet new people and experience different places with her dad and I.

She did pretty well and had some fun at the beach and park. We were all pretty tired so didn’t stay long, but it was a lovely evening nevertheless.

Sofie looked pretty cute in her dress, too.

Dressy Baby.