Sofia 365: Day 309

Day 309: 1.13.13

Sunday, Sofie spent one last day at my parents house while I spent another afternoon working on set of the webseries (Causality).

My call time for set was a little later in the day, so before leaving in the morning, Jason and I got up a little early to do some cleaning around the building. Our management duties had been a bit neglected over the holidays, so we did a clean sweep and got some organizing done as well.

Then I left for set and we spent another day out in the elements filming, so very very cold, I’m glad I bundled up! Once I got home and un-thawed again I was so tired!

However, one of my best friends from high school, Amber, was in town visiting for the week, so I went out to grab some coffee and catch up with her. I wanted to be able to spend as possible while she was visiting.
Amber is staying with another old friend along from high school, so I went down to pick them up and it was a nice little reunion. It honestly felt so surreal walking around back in Seattle with these girls, but it was also pretty nice too to see some old friendly faces.



Sofia 365: Day 216

Day 216: 10.13.12

Last Saturday, Sofie and I headed out to Poulsbo to visit my parents for a bit, and drop Sofie off for a few days as I had some work lined up for the next week. I also had a bunch of laundry to do, and seeing that I had to pay for laundry at our apartment, I saw it as an opportunity to do save a little money too…

We left the house in the early afternoon and caught the ferry over. Sofie loves riding the boat, a little too much, sometimes.

After getting to my parents I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and hanging out.

It was nice getting to visit with my parents too, as I hadn’t done that in a while.

Here’s a pick I snapped of Sofie before we headed out for the day, not looking too happy, but at least she got to take her doggie backpack along with her for the trip.

Dog Dog Backpack.