Sofia 365: Day 315

Day 315: 1.19.13

Yesterday, Sofie came back home from my mom’s and I went down to the ferry to meet and pick her up.
Jason and I made it our goal to get the vacant apartment unit in our building rented, so we held an “Open House” at our building, not a super huge turn out, but I think we found a renter. Crossing our fingers, any way.

Later that day, Jason went out to run some errands while Sofie and I stayed home. She was a bit of a cranky girl most of the evening so it was a bit of a difficult night for me. She hadn’t napped all day and was clearly very tired, and as patient as I wanted to be, I was frankly tired too. It’s been a bit difficult for us to settle into a good sleep pattern since we moved here (I talk more about it in my weekly video update here), and it’s been starting to catch up to me. I find myself to be way more irritable and short-tempered, and I feel bad when I feel like I can’t handle Sofie sometimes because of it.

So, it was a bit of a rough evening, but Sofie and I eventually worked things out and were in a good place by bed time. I understand that sometimes things are going to be tough raising a toddler, but I except the challenge and hope I can better myself by working through the hard days like yesterday.


Poor cranky, tired Sofie, she was ready for bed.


Weekly Vlog – Sleep Issues!

This video is going up a little late, but I had a busy weekend!

I’m talking about sleep issues today, and how it’s been hard getting settled into a regular pattern. If any of you parents out there have suggestions on how we can all get more sleep, please leave a comment! Let me know what works for you, I ‘d love to hear suggestions.

Thanks for watching!

Sofia 365: Day 263

Day 263: 11.29.12

Thursday, day 4 on set for my commercial shoot.
I headed out again that morning to the Lake Tapps location after spending a little bit of time with Sofie and Jason in the morning.

Jason stayed home watching Sofie that day, and ended up going to his mom’s house for a bit.

I was back at work doing makeup again, probably my most busy and longest day of the week, but it was still relatively stress free.

On my way back to Seattle I made a detour to Jason’s mom’s to meet up with Sofie and Jason before we headed home for the night.
Sofie was so tired from the day she fell alseep on the way home.

I decided to skip bath time and just let her rest, but before I retired her to her crib, I snapped a picture of her sleepy little head.

Sleepy Sofie.
Sleepy Sofie.

Sofia 365: Day 201

Day 201: 9.28.12

After a long night of painting, I was pretty tired, but unfortunately, no sleeping in for me.

I had a prior commitment to do makeup for a press event at Bellevue Fashion week, so with less than 2 hours of sleep I managed to pull myself together (pretty nicely, in fact) to make it to work for a few hours in the morning.

Regardless of the fact that I was stinkin’ tired, I still had a great time working and made a few business connections too. After the fancy work stuff was over I headed straight back to the old place to continue moving the rest of our stuff. Which we still had a lot of…

Sofie was still at my parent’s house and I was missing her quite a bit, but I knew that by the end of the weekend, it would all be worth it!