Sofia 365: Day 303

Day 303: 1.7.13

We are just trooping along aren’t we? One week into the New Year, and I’m feeling pretty good! Do I still have a huge pile of work I need to do? Yes, but I’m going to feel good doing it goshdarnit!

It was a bit of a dreary day today, didn’t really get out of the house to do anything until after noon. Mostly spent the morning eating bagels we got the past weekend and just hanging out. Morning are always so slow for me, I need to work on that… Perhaps I just need to suck it up and start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, like I had “resolved” to do last year.

Maybe this year I’ll actually make it happen? I mean, Sofie was up before ME this morning! I feel like I should be the one waking her up…

Well, the rest of the day went pretty well. Sofie did a little grocery shopping, but probably shouldn’t have done it while Sofie was hungry, because she was crying for food the whole time (should have eaten that breakfast I gave to her!). But, on the bright side, it was one of the more fast and efficient shopping trips I’ve had because of it.

Once we got home, Sofie and I had a late lunch, hung out some more, did a little work in between when I could, then had an early-ish dinner since Sofie was without a nap all day again. This time, she was falling asleep at the table. Jason and I couldn’t help but chuckle watching her, it’s so cute how hard she tries to stay awake!

So, I tempted her with a bath, only before I was able to coax a few pictures out of her, then I got her clean and cozy and she was asleep in no time.
This early to bed thing with Sofie the past few days have actually been pretty great for me, I’ve managed to get a lot done and organized. I should probably try to keep this up, no good having a baby up at 11 o’clock at night! (On the other hand, just cause she’s going to bed early, doesn’t mean I should be staying up late! I need to become a morning person…)

Sly Eyes.
Sly Eyes.

Sofia 365: Day 302

Day 302: 1.6.13

Had another nice day yesterday with Sofie.

I feel like I’m getting off to a good start with 2013. I’m trying to be more productive, more organized, and setting some new goals for myself this year. I will be sure to share these goals very soon!

I am also working on getting my company off on it’s sophomore year of business, making a few changes on that end as well, plus I’m working towards a goal of being paperless by the end of the year!

I took one last trip to Target with Sofie, I feel like I go there quite often these days… probably because I have a ton of gift cards to spend from the holidays… although I should still be saving money… Sofia and I have gone there so much this past month that she has learned to expect to get a sticker at the check out line, she even asks for them! “Please, Sticker, Please!”

I had to return an item I purchased last week that I realized was broken, but unfortunately for me, I had the irritating realization at the store that they no longer had that item in stock. So I had to buy multiple of a similar item, even though they didn’t really do the job as well as the original item I had bought, and then of course I get distracted and end up spending more money, because I always do that…

Once Sofie and I got home, Jason’s dad came over to watch the Seahawk’s game. Apparently they’re doing well this year? Not that I pay much attention to professional sports, mostly just over grown jocks getting paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around for a few hours every few days. That seems fair, right?

Well, they won, and everybody was happy.

So, long story short, do I still really care? Nope.

Anyhow, Sofie got through the day without a nap, and was pretty tired and cranky by the end of it. We got through dinner without her dozing off, then bath, then off to night night land. And then the adults had a little time to pig out on chocolates and watch more Portlandia, the show is even funnier in the second season!

Floral Pants!
Floral Pants!

Sofia 365: Day 129

Day 129: 7.17.12

Besides some Target shopping this afternoon, it was a pretty average day in the household.
I had a few groceries as well as some items I wanted to pick up for the studio so after Sofie’s afternoon nap we headed over to Target to do a little shopping… Sofie is probably the friendliest, most talkative little baby I’ve ever met. Even before we got into the store she was yelling “bah, bah!”, and pointing at the big red Target “balls” sitting outside of the store. She tried climbing on one, “No, Sofie, we have to go into the store”.

She never sits still in the cart, she likes to stand up and wave at people, she yells “Hi! Hi! Hi!” as they walk by. Young, old, man, woman, black, brown, white, dog, if you have a pulse, it’s most likely she’ll tell you “Hi!”.
Every time we ¬†push the cart by the music section she starts “singing” loudly and dancing on the cart, at this point I’m not even embarrassed, I’m kind of impressed and awed by the fact that she is completely oblivious to everybody watching her. She doesn’t care that she’s drawing attention, she doesn’t even notice, she’s just a baby, after all.
We go into the grocery section and she starts yelling out names of fruits and vegetables she knows, “Nana!” at the bananas, “Booberry” for the blueberries. She wants those blue berries, she wants them bad. And heck, she’s a smart kid, if she wants to name fruits and veggies, she can go right on ahead.
It’s incredible how distracting she can be, I wasn’t even tired or feeling spacey, but the minute she starts talking at me she doesn’t stop, I probably spent a half hour longer in that store than I needed to… going back and forth through the store, trying to remember what I came in to buy… and she talked the whole way through, even at the check out counter she was talking up the teller. “Booberry” this, “Mama!” that… I think Sofie is certainly deserving of the ¬†“Friendliest Baby” award, she’s so outgoing, I wonder if it’s something she’ll outgrow?

I sort of hope not, but I guess we’ll see…

Friendliest Baby Award.

Sofia 365: Day 6

Day 6: 3.16.12

I absolutely adore this little outfit. I bought this a while back at Target, it was part of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Kids collection. Some of the clothes were a bit questionable, but when I saw this outfit I knew Sofie had to have it! Today was the first time she tried this outfit on, the jumper was a bit short so I had to stick some leggings underneath to keep her legs warm. I also got those sweet little owl shoes at Target as well.

Isn’t she as cute as can be?

Harajuku Baby