Sofia 365: Day 228

Day 228: 10.25.12

Alrighty… I know I’m on a roll, but I also should sleep. I think I’ve done a good job getting half-way through, so I’ll finish the rest tomorrow! (Or try to anyways…)

Thursday, I went back over to Poulsbo with Sofie since I had a dentist appointment (probably should find one in Seattle finally…maybe), so Sofie and I hopped on the ferry in the morning and made our way over.

Getting my teeth cleaned is always a weird encounter. Being a dentist must be such a weird job, I mean, I’m sure they make good money, but I don’t know if I could just stare into people’s mouths all day…
Still, it is definitely a nice feeling to rub my fingers on my teeth and hear it literally “squeaky” clean.

Sofie’s little teeth are almost all in, just a few molars missing, not too long from now she’ll have to make her first trek to the dentist…

Well, I was definitely glad to at least get my camera back, I sure did miss it!

We spent the rest of the day with my mom, just tinkering around the house.
My mom knit Sofie that cute little vest she’s wearing in the picture. She’s actually quite good at that sort of thing!

Sweater vest Baby!

Sofia 365: Day 21

Day 21: 3.31.12

It is the end of March, and we can officially leap into April and (hopefully) Spring weather! It started out a bit rainy, so we took Sofie to the indoor play park in Bellevue. It was the busiest that I had ever seen it, not much room for her to run around (at least safely). Some of those kids were as big as me, no seriously. I mean, if you are bigger than the play structure you’re jumping on, don’t you think you’re a little too old for that?

Anyhow, the sun actually decided to come out in the afternoon, but by then Sofie was too tired, and we were ready to go home and have dinner.

Love  that argyle sweater, found it in the boys section of Gymboree, but who am I to discriminate? I love argyle.

Today's pic of the day brought to you by: My Android Phone.