Sofia 365: Day 294

Day 294: 12.29.12

Wow, I’m actually nearing 300 posts, that is both exciting and frightening.

The New Year is just around the corner, and to think about all the things that have happened just this year, it’s pretty mind boggling, and I don’t use that phrase lightly, or ever.

I’m too nostalgic for my own good…

Well, today I didn’t change out of my pj’s all day. So that’s usually a sign of my not giving a crap. Stayed home with Sofie doing more organizing, gathering old toys and clothes to donate to Goodwill. Sofie mostly just made a mess of the house by spreading her new toys all over the living room floor.

Only when she passed out this evening on the couch after another no-nap day did the floor finally become clear of toy debris.

And here I am again… typing away.
Just spent half an hour trying to figure out my credit score online… No, I do not want to start a free trial dammit!

Like I said before, my life is super exciting, eh?

Well, Sofie seems to think so.

Surprise Buns?
Surprise Buns?

Sofia 365: Day 267

Day 267: 12.2.12

First Sunday of December… I spent the day at home again with Sofie.
I just did some more work organizing around the apartment, it just seems like the work never ends.

You get one thing done, then it’s something else…
Well, at least Sofie’s room is starting to look less like a storage space and more like a “room” now.

It’s all a work in progress…

Now that Sofie’s getting a little older, it’s gotten easier to get more work done since she can play by herself, but sometimes I can’t help but take little naps with her…