Sofia 365: Day 105

Day 105: 6.23.12

Saturday was such a long day… I had a traditional Indian wedding to do that day, and since the ceremony started in the early morning, I was up by 2:30, yes AM, to get to the bride’s house by 3:30 to do her hair and makeup. I also had a hair trial that afternoon, then I came back in the evening to change the bride’s look for her evening ceremony. Besides a 1 hour nap in-between clients in the morning, I probably ended up being awake for close to 22 hours that day.

Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Though I will say, it was worth it to get the unique experience to work on such a special wedding and do something a little out of my comfort zone. (Tune in to my Beauty Blog for updates and photos from that wedding, coming soon!).

Here’s Sofie’s photo from my parent’s house on Saturday. What a little goof ball.


Sofia 365: Day 104

Day 104: 6.22.12

Friday, I met my mom downtown again for lunch and we did a little more work on the studio before my trial session that afternoon. My mom took Sofie for the weekend as I had a jam-packed schedule with weddings and trials.

Here’s Sofie that morning before we left for Seattle, it was not too bright out and Sofie was moving, so sorry it’s a bit blurry!


Sofia 365: Day 103

Day 103: 6.21.12

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been another long and busy weekend, and now it’s time to catch up on Sofie’s photos.

So let’s see what I’ve been up to…

Thursday, I spent the day at the beauty studio working on painting and decorating. It’s really starting to come together and I’m so excited to see it all finished!

Sofia went over to her grandma’s house for the day, it was so nice out, I kind of wish I spent some time outside! Sunny days are few and far between here, but hopefully I’ll have more chances this summer to spend time outside with Sofie and family.

Here’s Sofie in her summer shorts! Love it.

Summer Shorts!

Sofia 365: Day 102

Day 102: 6.20.12

Ahh, it’s nice to be all caught up.

Today was such a gorgeous day. The sun was out, it was warm (almost hot), and I got to spend some time outside with Sofie today which was great. I took her out to Seattle and played in Cal Anderson park for a little bit.

I do miss living on Capitol Hill… Hope to move back sometime soon.

Sofie made a few friends at the park today. I never really noticed until recently how big she is for her age. She’s just 15 months old and she has been bigger than most babies/toddlers we’ve met that are OLDER than her! She was even the same size as a 20 month old we met at the park.

It’s kind of crazy, I mean, I’m so small, she must get it from her dad. I swear, by the time she’s in her double digits she’ll be taller than me.

Glad I had a chance to pull out one of Sofie’s newest outfits today, love that little romper, it’s just been too cold to wear it out!

Her expression here is great too.

Summer Romper.