March Update, Me Rambling, and Sofia 365!

Hi All,

I know it seems I’ve completely dropped off earth the past few weeks, I’ve been super busy, but just wanted to do a quick update since it’s the week leading up to Sofie’s birthday.

Here’s a little of my plan for the culmination of my “Sofia 365” project, as well as what I’ve been up to lately.

Thanks for watching!

Sofia 365: Day 194

Day 194: 9.21.12

Day 3 with Sofie at our new place! I had a last minute job call in to do makeup for some interviews, and it so happened that Jason wasn’t working so daddy and Sofie got to spend a nice day together.

Looks like Sofie was pretty stoked about it too!


Sofia 365: Day 193

Day 193: 9.20.12

Ha, now I am officially no longer 2 weeks behind! But I know I still have a lot of pictures to post!
It was day 2 at our new place and Sofie was helping me tidy up!

She actually likes to help clean, how weird is that? But I guess that’s good for me, I have a nice little (willing) helper. 🙂

Sponge Surprise!

Sofia 365: Day 192

Day 192: 9.19.12

Finally, Sofie was back home with me and a little of the hectic-ness had worn off. All of our essentials had basically been moved in from our old place and we officially started taking residence at our awesome new apartment! Have I said yet how happy I am to be back in my old neighborhood, Capitol Hill? Well I really am.

Looks like Sofie was a bit skeptical here, but I think she’s starting to like this place, too.

New Home Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 191

Day 191: 9.18.12

Even with all these speed postings I’m still 2 weeks behind! Anyhow, two Tuesdays ago was still a hectic run. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and all kinds of work to do in the afternoon, so I dropped off Sofie with Jason’s parents again as they were thankfully available to help out!

Looks like she had her done up while she was there!

Leopard Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 190

Day 190: 9.17.12

Two Monday’s ago, I finally got Sofie back from my parent’s, but we still had a lot of moving and organizing to do. Jason’s parents offered to help watch Sofie while we continued to pack, and since our new managerial duties kicked in at our new apartment we had a LOT of work to do; so Sofie went over and spent a little time with her other grandpa and grandma.

Here’s Sofie, fresh out of bath time. What a goof.

Bath Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 189

Day 189: 9.16.12

Sunday! Sofia still at my parent’s house while we were still getting things moved, and me missing her so badly! Looks like she got her hands on those finger puppets yet again! (No pun intended).

Puppies and Puppets.

Sofia 365: Day 188

Day 188: 9.15.12


It’s time to start whipping these out!

We’re finally starting to get settled in… Finally.

Sofie was still over at my parents house hanging out two Saturday’s ago; and we were still organizing for the move.
Looks like she was still having fun though.


Sofia 365: Day 187

Day 187: 9.14.12

Yikes, I just realized that as of today, I’m 2 weeks behind! It’s just been a summer of procrastination, but I PROMISE fall will be different!

I’m sure you all want to see those Sofie pictures, so I need to start busting out these posts. This is our last moving weekend and we will be getting all the loose ends tied so we can start settling back into a routine, so I will have no excuse! Man, this month just flew by.

Two Friday’s ago, Sofie was still spending time at my parent’s house while we slowly but surely began the transition to our new apartment at the start of the weekend.
Looks like Sofie had another day exploring with her new finger puppets, she really seems into them doesn’t she?

Puppet Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 186

Day 186: 9.13.12

Holy Crap. The sooner I can get these pictures posted, the better I will feel! It’s just been such a wild few weeks, there’s still much work to be done…

Anyhow, let’s recap…

Thursday, Sofie spent another day at my parent’s house and I spent another day organizing and doing moving prep.

My grandma had spent some time living in Ecuador this summer so sent Sofie a set of finger puppets from there. By the pictures, it looked like she really enjoyed playing with them!

Finger Puppets.