Sofia 365: Day 271

Day 271: 12.6.12

Thursday, I was still busy with prep and errands for my upcoming jobs that weekend. In the morning, Sofie came along with me to my makeup artist friend, Jennifer’s, house to pick up a few wigs for a music video I had coming up Saturday. After stopping by and visiting that morning, I ran up to Bothell for a meeting with a couple more artist friends of mine to discuss some ideas we had for a future new beauty studio. We spent a couple hours talking and sharing thoughts and ideas, I was pretty excited with our plans coming out of it.
Then, after the meeting Sofie and I dashed home to meet with another old friend, who was going to be a model for the music video I had coming up this weekend. After chatting for a little while about hairstyles, my friend left our house. But the day wasn’t over yet!

I had a meeting with another old friend of mine the next day in Silverdale (about 15 minutes from my parents house) to do her makeup for her engagement shoot, so since it was going to be such an early morning meeting, Sofie and I drove over to my parents house that evening to spend the night.

Needless to say, it was a very long day, and we were both very pooped by the end of it!

Busy Baby.
Busy Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 270

Day 270: 12.5.12

Wednesday I spent another day at home with Sofie.

I had some jobs coming up the end of the week so I spent some time prepping for them.

I did as much catch up work as I could while I had the chance as well since I knew I wouldn’t have time for them once I got to working! Didn’t seem to help me much now, though, haha. Two more weeks of pictures to go!


Sofia 365: Day 269

Day 269: 12.4.12

Tuesday, after a morning at my parent’s, I left in the afternoon with Sofie to head back home to Seattle.

Looks like after such a long day, I almost nearly forgot to take her photo, but got her in the nick of time before bed!

Jammies Baby.
Jammies Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 268

Day 268: 12.3.12

Ack! Christmas will be soon upon us and I still have so much to catch up on! It’s now or never, so let’s blast through these babies eh?

Monday I was back at my mom’s again for the day visiting since Sofia had an appointment.

It’s been so cold, Sofie and I have usually just stayed cooped up in the house.

I spent most of the day catching up on my blog posts (something I feel like I’m constantly doing), but it was another productive day for the most part.

I feel like I’m always trying to get as much work done as possible while I can, and with a kid it’s sometimes hard to keep on task or get anything done at times, but that’s what comes with the job and I accept the challenge.
Sofie is a such a sweet heart though, even when I feel like I have a million tasks at hand, it’s pretty hard to ignore her. 🙂

Wild Child.
Wild Child.

Sofia 365: Day 267

Day 267: 12.2.12

First Sunday of December… I spent the day at home again with Sofie.
I just did some more work organizing around the apartment, it just seems like the work never ends.

You get one thing done, then it’s something else…
Well, at least Sofie’s room is starting to look less like a storage space and more like a “room” now.

It’s all a work in progress…

Now that Sofie’s getting a little older, it’s gotten easier to get more work done since she can play by herself, but sometimes I can’t help but take little naps with her…


Sofia 365: Day 266

Day 266: 12.1.12

Whoo! Well at least we’re in the right month again now. 🙂

I still have a ways to go to catch up, but I’m making progress… (Perhaps one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to keep more on top of my posts…)

Saturday, December 1st… I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly November had just flown by. With just a blink of an eye, weeks go by, is this what getting older feels like?

I took advantage of my day off and spent as much time sleeping in as I could.
I spent the majority of the day just hanging out with the fam and enjoying my time at home. I tried to do a little oranizing but seeing as I can’t remember doing much, I probably didn’t do a whole lot…

Here’s Sofie baby though, always with the squinty eyes!

December Baby.
December Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 221

Day 221: 10.18.12

Last Thursday, I got called up for another last-minute makeup gig, so Sofie went over to her grandma’s again for another day. I checked in again with my parents, and my mom was starting to do better and slowly move around again. Sofia seemed to have forgotten about the accident all together.

I spent another long, busy day working, my feet were so sore by the end, I was really looking forward to just sitting down! After I picked up Sofie, we headed home and crashed not long after. I was just really looking forward to the week being over.

Here’s Sofie from the morning before we left, sorry it’s so blurry, she wouldn’t hold still!


Sofia 365: Day 220

Day 220: 10.17.12

As much as I would have liked to have just stayed home and cuddled with Sofie all day, Wednesday, I was back working due to a prior obligation. Sofie headed over to her other grandma’s house. Luckily, it was a short job so I could get back to Sofie without getting too late.

I called my parents that morning to check on how my mom was healing, she was still pretty sore from the accident but doing well. Sofie a bit irritable getting into the car, but otherwise her normal, goofy self. I also got a bunch of calls from the dueling insurance companies regarding the accident (which we’re still dealing with currently).

After I finished my quick music video gig, I headed back to the apartment to pick up a few items. Somehow I got to cleaning… the house (and the building) was really due for some spiffing up. I ended up mopping, vacuuming, and dusting not only the apartment, but the entire building (it is my job as a resident manager after all… no really). Maybe it was something cathartic with the accident happening the day before. Maybe I deal with drama in my life by cleaning? Who knows, but I ended up scrubbing around for about 3 hours. I kind of felt like a freak.
I was also pretty exhausted afterwards, but quite proud of what I had done. The building didn’t look like it had seen a duster in years… vast improvement, I would certainly say…

Anyhoo, I got back to Jason’s mom’s in the early evening. Jason had already went straight over after work. We hung out for a bit then headed back home after dinner; I was wiped! Also, Sofie was not being very cooperative with the photos this time… so this was the best I could get!

Leopard Child.

Sofia 365: Day 219

Day 219: 10.16.12

Always with the catch-up… *sigh*.

Well, this is the part of last week that starts to get interesting…
Tuesday, Sofia was still staying with my parents as I was scheduled to work on a music video that evening.
However, half way into a meeting with a business partner that morning, I got a call from my dad saying that my mother had been in a car accident, and she was hurt pretty bad.

All I could think to ask at first was if Sofia was okay, he said she was, but I needed to get to my parent’s house right away.

Not long after, I’m making the nervous drive over to the hospital with Jason where they had taken both my mother and Sofia. They had gotten rear ended by a distracted driver and my mother had cut the back of her head. Once I got to the urgent care, I found my mother, getting stitched back up by a doctor. Sofia was out in the lobby, face covered with snot and dried tears, but otherwise unhurt save a few bumps and scratches.

Needless to say, I was happy to be hugging her.
We spent another hour or so at the hospital waiting for my mom’s prognosis, my dad spent Sofia, and Jason and I back to their house so we wouldn’t have to wait at the hospital. Not too long after, my dad and mom got back home and my mom went promptly upstairs to rest. He said that he could take care of my mom himself, so we headed back home to Seattle.

Once we got back, Sofia was still in good spirits despite the stressful day she had just had, she even gave us a great picture when we got home.

I was so emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted by the end of that day. I was happy that everyone was okay, but also frustrated with myself that I wasn’t with Sofia when it happened so that I could comfort her. Despite all that, I knew things could have been much worse, so I thanked my lucky stars they weren’t.

Anytime a kind of shattering event happens in my life, it really makes me take a step back and appreciate the people and things I have in my life because I never know what could happen the next day. I know that despite everything my family will still pull together and move past this. We will all have our bad moments, days, or weeks, but I know that I can at least count on the people in my life to put a smile back on my face.

The Damage.

Sofia 365: Day 218

Day 218: 10.15.12

Monday, I had a photo shoot gig in the morning, and it was also Jason and I’s 3 year anniversary. It’s kind of crazy how fast it’s all gone by…

Anyhow, I somehow managed to oversleep and had to speedily get ready to go and rush out the door. Oh, and the coffee shop downstairs closed down (I know right?!), so I had to speed-walk 3 blocks to the closest coffee stand so I could at least be somewhat coherent by the time I got to the photo shoot.

Luckily, I was only a few minutes late, and the rest of the shoot went really well. I was super happy with the makeup I did and got to work with some great people too.

After getting home, Jason was waiting for me and we tried to decide what to do for the evening (romantic right?). Being broke as we were, we couldn’t really do anything too exciting but decided to go out to get some Thai food at a place we went to on one of our first few dates.

Although it was a bit of a rainy, cold night, it was still a nice evening. It was also nice to get a little time with Jason as well, I don’t think we get opportunities like that nearly as often as we’d like.

Looks like Sofie had a good day with my parents too, she’s looking great for her photo!

Anniversary Baby.