Sofia 365: Day 229

Day 229: 10.26.12

Alright alright! One more post then I REALLY have to sleep.

Last Friday I headed back to Seattle by myself to catch my friend Anna’s play that evening. Jason and I went with another friend of mine to check it out. It was a fun little comedy about the 44 U.S presidents presented by four women, including my friend Anna.

We got in a little late, but it was definitely a fun show to watch. Later, that same night, we headed over to catch the last bit of a show (of the music variety), and hung out with Jason’s sister and her boyfriend.

It was quite the eventful night, to say the least.

Here’s Sofie’s picture from the day, courtesy of my parents! Looks like she got into my dads slippers! Silly girl.

Slipper Baby.