Sofia 365: Day 300

Day 300: 1.4.13

Wow, we’ve made it to the 300th post!

Gosh, now we just have a little over 60 days to go. This is crazy, and then she’ll be TWO!

Time just honestly flies by so quickly…

Yesterday was a bit of a fun day for Jason and I.

After spending the night at my mom’s, Sofie stayed behind for an extra night so Jason and I could have a night out on the town. We were invited to come see a show by a local band  (Sleepy Pilot) that I recently did hair styling for a music video for. It was at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown and neither Jason or I had been there before so we figured it would be a fun experience.

Plus! The drummer of the band had the exact same name as Jason, two Jason Bairs in one place, imagine that!

We drove down for the show and stayed to watch the band play their set, I must say drinks at the Hard Rock are pretty expensive!

All in all, it was a fun show, and Jason Bair and Jason Bair finally came face to face after they have haunted each other at Guitar Center for years. And they would have probably never met unless I did that music video too. Weird how things work out like that…

After the show, we headed back up to the hill with a craving for sweets. So we headed over to the local chocolate bar to pick up some truffles and some tiramisu for dessert. Boy was it good…

We ate our sweets and watched a few episodes of Portlandia on Netflix before passing out. Good night, good night…

Snapped a picture of Sofie before I left to head back to Seattle that morning, I’m pretty sure she knew I was leaving. Look at that stink eye!

Stink Eye.
Stink Eye.

Sofia 365: Day 273

Day 273: 12.8.12

Progress! Success! (Still about a week and a half to go…)

Saturday came around and it was music video time for a local band Sleepy Pilot. This time, I was only doing hair styling, but I was looking forward to spending the day on a cool set (Antique Mall!) and also catch up with my old friend Kay, who was also the model for the music video.

Call time was not until noon, but I got up early to finish up the rest of my prep work for the shoot. After breakfast I got packed and ready to head out for the day, before I left I remembered to snap a picture of Sofie since I wouldn’t be getting back until pretty late that evening.

I left Poulsbo and made my way up to Tacoma to do some work and make a great video! It was a long day, but the crew was great, the band was great, and I also had a great time exploring the Antique Mall we were shooting in. I was pretty proud of the hairstyle I was able to create also, it will all be shared eventually on my makeup blog!

After a long day of work, I finally got home shortly after midnight. I was so beat, and after a quick hot shower, I headed off to dream land and snuggled in bed with Sofie.

Sweet little Sofie, just what I needed after a long day!