Sofia 365: Day 282

Day 282: 12.17.12

Last Monday rolled around and Sofie was feeling much better, but still not fully recovered. It was the most sick she had ever been, so it was even a scary and nerve wracking experience for me. I’m sure Sofie was exhausted too from the lack of food, fevers, and throwing up. I felt so bad for the kiddo.

I had to open up my studio in Seattle for a photo shoot that morning, so I took a drive back over to Seattle to get it set up, then pick up a few items and my camera from the apartment. We didn’t want to transport Sofie anywhere until she was fully feeling better, so that afternoon I headed back over to my parents house again to spend another night there with Sofie.

And no, this isn’t deja vu, my mom said Sofie insisted on dressing herself that morning, and she just happened to pick out the exact same outfit from the day before, (after it had been washed, of course.)

Silly Girl.

Self Dresser.
Self Dresser.

Sofia 365: Day 281

Day 281: 12.16.12

Sunday, Sofie was feeling a little bit better. She had a few moments of energy and running around, but still not feeling the best.
I spent another day at my parents house with Sofie, by the evening she was able to have a little bit of food and keep it down, so that was a good sign.

Besides that, it was another quiet day at home, doing work when I could in between Sofie’s naps.

I was definitely glad she was starting to feel better though.


Sofia 365: Day 280

Day 280: 12.15.12

Saturday, poor Sofie was still not feeling too hot.
She couldn’t really keep any food down, so for the most part of the day she was pretty cranky or asleep.

I did what I could to make her feel better and comfortable. My friend Camille was having a birthday party for her son that day, the first kids party Sofie would have gone to, so I was pretty bummed she couldn’t make it. However, my priority was to make sure Sofie was feeling better, and I knew there were plenty more parties to come in her future.

We were a little preoccupied with taking care of Sofie, and certainly didn’t want to force her into standing for a photo, so we just let her sleep and snapped a shot of her before bed time.

Sick Baby.
Sick Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 279

Day 279: 12.14.12

Friday was a little more eventful of a day…

I spent the morning hanging out with Sofie, still at my mom’s. I had a consultation appointment that afternoon at my studio in Seattle, so I had arranged to go over to Seattle for a few hours then take the bus back into town and get picked up by my mom once I got back over from the ferry.

My consultation went fairly well, and after doing a little organizational work at the studio, I headed back to the ferry and headed home for a late dinner. Once my mom came to pick me up, she also came with news to tell me Sofie wasn’t feeling too well.
She threw up shortly before my parents were sitting down for dinner and had been sleeping since. . She had a few more sick spells that night before we headed to bed,┬áI felt so bad for the poor baby, but all we could do was let her tummy rest for the time being…

Sofie, before I headed out that afternoon.


Sofia 365: Day 242

Day 242: 11.8.12

Ahh yes, it feels good to be caught up!

Yesterday, Sofie and I both slept in a bit at my parents house but soon after got back to work again. I finished the last of the laundry and did a bit of building work before heading back to Seattle after a late lunch.

Sofie spent most of the morning watching old Benji movies. You know, the ones from the 70’s or something when they had groovy background music and dramatic plots?

She seemed to half enjoy it, and half the time was distracted by other things. I hope she doesn’t grow up to have ADD…

Anyhoo, after I got back home from Seattle in the early evening I got to work cleaning the vacant apartment next door and prepping paperwork for the lease signing. Our very first new resident and lease signing since we moved in and became resident managers! I was pretty excited to get that hurdle out of the way.
Jason and I spent the rest of the evening watching the first episode of the newest season on Sherlock out on Netflix. Love that show!

I also loved the pictures I got of Sofie from yesterday, she was really being a character so I threw in an extra one!

Cheese face.

Sofia 365: Day 241

Day 241: 11.7.12

Wednesday morning, Sofie was feeling better, but still pretty grouchy and tired in general. My mom offered to help out since I had so much work to do, so I decided to head over to my parents in the afternoon to spend a night.

We rode over on the ferry and made our way over, then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, doing laundry, and getting computer work done while I could.
By dinner time, Sofie had her appetite back again, and by the evening she was running around and terrorizing the dogs.

I was glad she was feeling better though, and we both got a much needed good night’s sleep.

Sofie before we headed out for the day; looking a little dazed and confused.

Leopard pants.

Sofia 365: Day 240

Day 240: 11.6.12

Tuesday was a roller coaster of a day.
After breakfast, I decided to take Sofie out for a walk around the city since she needed a new pair of boots for winter.
We had a great time doing a little window shopping downtown, and walking to Pike Place market.

After buying some snacks and produce down at the market; Sofie and I headed back home. She fell asleep half-way back while I was at Old Navy, and I finally found a cute pair of boots for her. I walked all the way back up the hill back home (I got quite a bit of exercise that day), and just barely beat the rain.

Once we got back home, I was pretty pooped, but once Sofie woke up she was begging to go back outside again.

That, however, was short lived because soon after Sofie became very sick and started puking up again.

Not exactly fun to be puked on for the third time in a matter of a week and a half, but poor girl was not feeling well. She couldn’t keep down anything that I gave her, so she eventually just fell asleep early without taking a bath. I let Sofie sleep it off for the rest of the night and watched the election coverage with Jason.

Capitol Hill was crazy that night too, I really can’t believe Sofie slept through all the cars honking, people yelling, helicopters and fireworks going off. It seemed like everybody in the neighborhood was out partying.

That’s okay though, because I was still pretty tired from walking around earlier that day. I stayed up for a bit trying to catch up on some work, but eventually crashed.

Here’s the poor little sick baby, shortly before she fell asleep.

Magazine Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 238

Day 238: 11.4.12

Sunday we spent a quiet day at home and I had a little time to do some catch up work and blogging.

The morning was met with Sofie sneaking cherry tomatoes before breakfast (what a healthy child!), she kept calling them “grapes”… well, I guess tomatoes are still technically a fruit.

In the evening we baked cookies and I let Sofie enjoy half of one since she’s cute and deserved it.

It was a nice productive day over all, and she didn’t puke! So that’s also a plus!

Here she is, happy with all her dogs.

Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Sofia 365: Day 237

Day 237: 11.3.12

Alrighty! I’m less than a week away from being caught up… again.


Well, anyways!

Last Saturday I had a wedding to do down South so Sofie headed back over to her grandma’s (Jason’s moms) to hang out for a bit while I worked. The wedding was party was nice, and easy to work with (always a plus!) so I was able to get done on time and be efficient (another plus!).

After I wrapped up with the bride, I headed back to pick up Sofie and bring her back home. We spent the rest of the day doing a little more building work and organization, I also tried to spend a little time organizing the house too! (Something I still need to finish doing…)

And then picture time… we had to resort to a bit of bribery. Sofie was trying not to listen, but we had her newest vice (chocolate) on our side.

Hence the chocolate stained face and teeth… ha.

Choco face.

Sofia 365: Day 236

Day 236: 11.2.12

Last Friday, (also my half-brother’s 29th birthday!), Sofie and I spent another productive day around the ┬áneighborhood. We had two showings for the apartment that day, and more errands to run.

Sofie was pretty good at being cooperative all day and it was great being able to spend time with her.
After the last showing, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home and hanging out.

What a little goof ball! Just playing with my phone as usual.