Sofia 365: Day 129

Day 129: 7.17.12

Besides some Target shopping this afternoon, it was a pretty average day in the household.
I had a few groceries as well as some items I wanted to pick up for the studio so after Sofie’s afternoon nap we headed over to Target to do a little shopping… Sofie is probably the friendliest, most talkative little baby I’ve ever met. Even before we got into the store she was yelling “bah, bah!”, and pointing at the big red Target “balls” sitting outside of the store. She tried climbing on one, “No, Sofie, we have to go into the store”.

She never sits still in the cart, she likes to stand up and wave at people, she yells “Hi! Hi! Hi!” as they walk by. Young, old, man, woman, black, brown, white, dog, if you have a pulse, it’s most likely she’ll tell you “Hi!”.
Every time we  push the cart by the music section she starts “singing” loudly and dancing on the cart, at this point I’m not even embarrassed, I’m kind of impressed and awed by the fact that she is completely oblivious to everybody watching her. She doesn’t care that she’s drawing attention, she doesn’t even notice, she’s just a baby, after all.
We go into the grocery section and she starts yelling out names of fruits and vegetables she knows, “Nana!” at the bananas, “Booberry” for the blueberries. She wants those blue berries, she wants them bad. And heck, she’s a smart kid, if she wants to name fruits and veggies, she can go right on ahead.
It’s incredible how distracting she can be, I wasn’t even tired or feeling spacey, but the minute she starts talking at me she doesn’t stop, I probably spent a half hour longer in that store than I needed to… going back and forth through the store, trying to remember what I came in to buy… and she talked the whole way through, even at the check out counter she was talking up the teller. “Booberry” this, “Mama!” that… I think Sofie is certainly deserving of the  “Friendliest Baby” award, she’s so outgoing, I wonder if it’s something she’ll outgrow?

I sort of hope not, but I guess we’ll see…

Friendliest Baby Award.

Sofia 365: Day 98

Day 98: 6.16.12

My mom had Sofie for Saturday since I had a bridal gig in the morning.

After finishing that job I headed over to Seattle with Jason to start renovations on my new beauty studio. We spent the rest of the evening there building and hanging out, it was actually pretty fun doing a project with Jason, we don’t really have unique opportunities like that very often. I got a chance to see his skills at work, and I learned a little something about building things too. The studio is going to be so cool, I can’t wait for it to be ready!

Aaaand, there’s Sofie in some cute purple pants!

Purple Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 96

Day 96: 6.14.12

The weather continues to tease us. It’s really just been kind of grey and humid, not the best combination. Took Sofie out for some quick shopping errands this afternoon, I’m glad we at least got out of the house for a little bit. She is so talkative, she’ll say “Hi” to just about any one that she can bat an eyelash at.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to think of how others perceive children that are not their own; I only just assume they feel the same way that I feel about other kids, mostly just find them obnoxious. Haha, well, I am biased, I suppose.  Sofie is just too cute, but even with that, her continuous greetings to strangers even had me a bit worn down by the end of our shopping trip. I’ve never quite met a baby like Sofia; Her mouth just never stops babbling.

I also had some time to record our 15 month update today, I really do want to get more into video blogging… It’s getting quite late tonight, so it’ll probably just be posted tomorrow, so keep tuned! Sofie is running her mouth throughout nearly the entire video.

Hope you enjoy today’s pic! I quite enjoyed her colorful outfit today, she doesn’t nearly have enough greens and blues in her wardrobe. I quite like that color of green on her.

Summer Greens.

Sofia 365: Day 81

Day 81: 5.30.12

Here we are! The whole memorial day weekend thing has been throwing me off, I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. It’s Wednesday, but it feels like a Tuesday… Like I said before, I can hardly keep track of the days anyway…

Ran a few errands today and bought myself a few cute things, an early birthday gift to myself… a pair of flats, and an adorable shoulder bag, perfect for Summer. 

I’ve hardly bought anything for myself in so long, I felt a little guilty. When money’s tight it’s hard to spend money on things other than groceries or bills, but it doesn’t hurt to be a indulgent a little once in a while. Plus, they were on sale anyway. 🙂

Here’s Sofie’s pic of the day, she took a bit of a late nap so we took this shot after dinner. I really liked her outfit today, my mom buys her so many clothes, but she does a good job of picking things out. Pretty soon, this baby is gonna have more clothes than me!