Sofia 365: Day 247

Day 247: 11.13.12


Anyways, what is it? Two Tuesday’s ago? I was back at my parents house after driving back the night before to get Sofie.
I stayed in Poulsbo for the rest of the day hanging out with Sofie and generally not doing very much… at least as far as I remember.

I really like her photo from the day though, I think that color really pops on her. The cookie crumb on her face is a nice touch too. 🙂


Sofia 365: Day 246

Day 246: 11.12.12

Monday, I did my best to sleep off the long weekend. It’s always weird waking up without Sofie in the house, but even without her around I still can’t seem to sleep in past 10 am. I just feel guilty for some reason, like I’m wasting my day. So after waking up, I planned out my day since I had a few tasks to do on my plate, and I was also heading back to my parents to pick up Sofie.

After running a few errands around the neighborhood in the morning, Jason and I headed downtown since I had a voucher for free underwear at Victoria’s Secret that was going to expire that day. Hey, it’s free underwear! Jason also needed a new jacket, so we spent some time walking around downtown Seattle to search for one. I had an inkling that H&M might have something good, and voila, they were having a huge sale and we were able to find just what he needed.

We’re usually too broke to go shopping (and still are too broke to go shopping), so this was a very rare occurence, but we had a good time.
We headed back up to Capitol Hill to grab some dinner at Samurai Noodle, yummm Ramen.

Then I jetted off to Poulsbo to see Sofie and spend the rest of the night there. I couldn’t wait to see that smiling little face when I got there!

Smiles for Miles.