Sofia 365: Day 258

Day 258: 11.24.12

Saturday after black-Friday, was another day spent at my parents house.
After reaching out to my bestest friend, Katie, about my current situation, she came up to visit me for the day so we could vent and talk.

We’re not necessarily best friends in the traditional sense of the word, we don’t talk every day, we hardly ever see each other, but we both love each other dearly and would do anything for each other. I’ve known her since I was 10 years old,( now more than half my life!), and we have been best friends ever since, and probably will be for a long, long time. We grew up together, through all our adolescent trials and tribulations and now into adulthood. We have both become very different people, but still remain close, whenever we see each other it’s like we never were apart.

With all the emotions I had been feeling for the past day and a half, it was nice to know she was there for me, and to be able to talk to her.

So, Katie and I made our way out to some old stomping grounds, she did some shopping, I did some talking, and we both ate some food. We spoke a lot about my future and what would become of it.  My parents were already making arrangements for me to stay with them, and I felt like I was being pulled into a new direction for my life. I wasn’t ready to let go, but I knew that at some point I would have to make plans for a potential life as a single mom.

Later that evening, Katie and I went out to a reunion party of sorts. One of our old friends from high school had time off from his deployment and was visiting from over seas; he was throwing a little get-together and I felt it might be just what I needed to get my mind off of all those depressing thoughts and see some familiar old faces.
I will admit, it felt kind of strange being back in my old town, with old friends; I felt like I was back in high school again, only everybody had grown up a bit. At the same time, it was like nothing ever changed.

We spent a couple hours catching up and talking, but knowing I had a little girl waiting at home for me, I left early with Katie and headed back to my parents house. I will say, with all the good company, paired with some drinks, I did sleep much better that night.

Paparazzi Shot.
Paparazzi Shot.

Sofia 365: Day 226

Day 226: 10.23.12

I’m on a roll! Let’s do this!

Tuesday, I spent a lazy day at home with Sofie. I can’t remember really doing much, so it probably wasn’t that exciting. Most likely just watched, and re-watched, and re-watched Gangnam Style over and over again on Youtube, because that’s what Sofie likes to do…

Another thing we did watch though was the Dancing with the Stars results show, that was definitely a little nerve wracking. Especially since I like most of the dancers this Season. (They’re all so good!)

Anywhoo… another crappy cellphone pic. I know, I’m sorry, but the show must go on!

Sofie loves her Donald Duck stuffed animal, but since she can’t pronounce his name, she just calls him “Don Doon”. Cracks me up every time!

Don Doon.

Sofia 365: Day 225

Day 225: 10.22.12

Two Mondays ago, I went to do hair and makeup for the last photo shoot in the series that I was working on with a local photographer. This time, we didn’t have to travel anywhere far, just Gas Works park in Seattle. So Sofie went over to her other grandma’s place to hang out for a few hours while I worked.

It was a rainy, chilly day, but thankfully we had portable heaters to keep us warm while we got ready to shoot. I had to leave a little early because Sofia had an (post-accident) follow-up at the doctors to be checked out, so I headed back to Bellevue to pick her up.

After the appointment and a clean bill of health, Sofie and I headed home for a few hours, then back to Jason’s moms house to watch Dancing with the Stars. A bit of a tradition. Sofie is really into the music and dancing, I must say, it’s pretty entertaining.

I also was able to borrow their camera to take her picture for the day while I was waiting to get mine back from my parents.

She wasn’t being very cooperative, but I was still able to get a decent one.  As much as I think my camera is a piece of crap sometimes, I can really appreciate it when I’m having to use my cellphone to take pictures!

Bows and Skirts.

Sofia 365: Day 224

Day 224: 10.21.12

Sleep or get things done? Hmmm… for now, I’m trying to get things done. So here’s another post since I’m so sadly behind!

Sunday (two weeks ago…), I spent the day at my parents again with Sofie. My dad watched football with her again, or tried to, and now every time Sofie sees it on TV she does her hardest to yell “football!” but it comes out sounding more like “boo-bow”. She knows I know what she means…

After that, we headed back home to Seattle, and lo and behold when I got home I realized I forgot my camera at my parents house. (Oof…) So I had to resort to my crappy cellphone camera to get her picture for the day. Oh well… I mean, for forgetting my camera only a couple other times this year, I don’t think that’s too bad, right?

Either way, Sofie always looks cute anyways.

Heart Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 223

Day 223: 10.20.12

Well, let’s see if I can get at least half-way through these catch-up posts before passing out tonight (yay, optimism)!

That Saturday, I spent the day hanging out with Sofie and my mom at my parents house. Since I was mom’s designated chauffeur, I shuttled her around town to run errands and go grocery shopping.

I was glad to be able to help out my parents, even in a little way. My parents also love seeing Sofie, and I get my meals cooked for me, so it’s a win all around!


Sofia 365: Day 222

Day 222: 10.19.12

Ack! Drives me nuts how I feel like I’m always play catch-up. It’s November already and I’m still like 2 weeks behind!

Well, at least I’m getting this done now. I need to make a resolution this month to try and post every day. It’ll save me so much work, but sometimes I just don’t have the time…

Ah well… Anyways. When was this now? The 19th was 2 Fridays ago… I had headed over to my parents place to spend a couple of days and help out my parents again. My mom was still recovering from the accident, so I volunteered to be her “personal driver” for the weekend since she didn’t have a car to drive.

So, Sofie and I headed over to Poulsbo after running a few errands and got there in the late afternoon, just in time for dinner!

Here’s Sofia, all cleaned up and happy after her bath. Love her little Hello Kitty slippers. 🙂

Slippers and Beads.

Sofia 365: Day 216

Day 216: 10.13.12

Last Saturday, Sofie and I headed out to Poulsbo to visit my parents for a bit, and drop Sofie off for a few days as I had some work lined up for the next week. I also had a bunch of laundry to do, and seeing that I had to pay for laundry at our apartment, I saw it as an opportunity to do save a little money too…

We left the house in the early afternoon and caught the ferry over. Sofie loves riding the boat, a little too much, sometimes.

After getting to my parents I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and hanging out.

It was nice getting to visit with my parents too, as I hadn’t done that in a while.

Here’s a pick I snapped of Sofie before we headed out for the day, not looking too happy, but at least she got to take her doggie backpack along with her for the trip.

Dog Dog Backpack.

Sofia 365: Day 171

Day 171: 8.29.12

We’re getting so close to being half-way through the project! A little over 10 posts/days to go…

Wednesday was a catch-up day for me, more or less. With Sofie still at my parents, and the wrap party to go to that evening, I tried to make the most of my day, although I unintentionally slept in a little longer than I had wanted…
I did some laundry, tidied, and organized my house, and also worked on catching up on my “365” posts too…

All in all a good day, and the wrap party was a lot of fun too. Karaoke, good food, and good company. What more could I ask for?

Here’s a great photo my parents took of her too!


Sofia 365: Day 170

Day 170: 8.28.12

Tuesday was our very last day of filming for the feature I was doing hair and makeup on, so bitter sweet, but it was a great end to a great project.
My parents were coming into Seattle for an appointment that morning and we had a later call time to set, so I met up with them for an early lunch up on Capitol Hill before leaving Sofie with them.
It was a nice day, long, but eventful. Jason even came to hang out while we got our last few shots for the evening. After we wrapped we cleaned up, then hung out a bit for a bonfire, but I was so pooped by the end of it all we didn’t hang out very long, I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Here’s a photo I took of Sofie before leaving to meet my parents in the morning, I think she looked adorable!

Pucker Up.

Sofia 365: Day 169

Day 169: 8.27.12

Monday began one of my last couple of days on set. Sofia went over to her grandma’s house for the day, and I went to work.

She was later picked up by her dad and I came home later that day. Luckily we had early starts, so I was still able to get home at a decent hour.
I was so glad to have her home though, even if I was still working. Just knowing that she’d be sleeping in her own bed after basically 2 weeks gone, I was really happy.

Snapped this photo before leaving in the morning, she was still a bit groggy, I think.

Blankie Girl.