First Weekly Vlog! + Some New Resolutions

One of my new years resolutions is to try and do a video update once a week to talk about various things happening in my life, so here’s my first one!

I talk about a few more resolutions I’m making for the year, as well as what’s happening this week. Hope you enjoy!

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Sofia 365: Day 238

Day 238: 11.4.12

Sunday we spent a quiet day at home and I had a little time to do some catch up work and blogging.

The morning was met with Sofie sneaking cherry tomatoes before breakfast (what a healthy child!), she kept calling them “grapes”… well, I guess tomatoes are still technically a fruit.

In the evening we baked cookies and I let Sofie enjoy half of one since she’s cute and deserved it.

It was a nice productive day over all, and she didn’t puke! So that’s also a plus!

Here she is, happy with all her dogs.

Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Sofia 365: Day 237

Day 237: 11.3.12

Alrighty! I’m less than a week away from being caught up… again.


Well, anyways!

Last Saturday I had a wedding to do down South so Sofie headed back over to her grandma’s (Jason’s moms) to hang out for a bit while I worked. The wedding was party was nice, and easy to work with (always a plus!) so I was able to get done on time and be efficient (another plus!).

After I wrapped up with the bride, I headed back to pick up Sofie and bring her back home. We spent the rest of the day doing a little more building work and organization, I also tried to spend a little time organizing the house too! (Something I still need to finish doing…)

And then picture time… we had to resort to a bit of bribery. Sofie was trying not to listen, but we had her newest vice (chocolate) on our side.

Hence the chocolate stained face and teeth… ha.

Choco face.

Sofia 365: Day 234

Day 234: 10.31.12

Ahh yes, Halloween. Sofie’s second! Since Sofie was still feeling a little icky, I decided to stay home with her and just make Halloween a quiet one. I spent a bit of the day seeing if I could wrangle up a costume for myself, but I figured since I wasn’t going anywhere with Sofie, why bother? However, I did humor myself and pulled together a costume for Sofie with her assorted cheetah print clothing. I wasn’t able to find my ears and tail that I had worn last year on myself, so just made a make-shift headband with printed out cut-out ears. It actually didn’t turn out looking too bad.

Either way, Sofie was just as adorable as could be, and then of course shortly after taking these photos Sofie pukes all over her outfit, and that was that. Then of course, when I was trying to soak my puke-covered clothing in the tub so they wouldn’t stain, my phone fell into the water and shorted out. I dried it as quickly as I could then stuck it in rice as the internet told me to do, and I listen to the internet. I left it over night and just crossed my fingers it would work the next day.

I added a few extra photos in honor of just how adorable Sofie’s outfit was. I kind of wish I was able to take her out, but there’s always next year… and I promise our costumes will be Epic! I have a whole year to make up for after all.

Cheetah Sofie.
Cheetah Girl

Sofia 365: Day 233

Day 233: 10.30.12

Ahh yes, I’m going to get these posts done tonight! I will, I will! Now that I’m just a week from catching up to the present, I feel the determination in me kicking in…

Last Tuesday morning was a rainy one. I was scheduled to meet the photographer I was working on the photo series on the past month to pick up some boxes of bobby pins that I had left at the last shoot we had done. So Sofia and I drove down the street to meet him at a coffee shop and look over some of the photos he had taken. I was really happy with how everything turned out, and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the final edits come together. I think it’ll be really great!

After our meeting, my parents were in Seattle for a little bit so I met them briefly since they had a few things to drop off at my house; Sofie was screaming and upset the whole while back home, so when I realized we’d forgotten her stuffed bunny at the coffee shop I had to double back to go pick it up. Lo and behold she stops crying the minute we get the little guy.

It was such a rainy day, we couldn’t really go anywhere, so we spent the rest of the day at home just tinkering about until we met the person moving out next door for a final walk-through inspection.

Unfortunately Sofie was also a little sick, and a little puke-y, so we took it easy the rest of the night with her.

Being building managers is a lot of work, but I actually really like having the responsibility. But maybe I’m just weird, and I like being super organized and busy…

Either way, I just really like my building and my neighborhood, and I think Sofie likes Seattle much better than Renton too.

Here she is, rocking her new dress that my mom bought for her the weekend before. What a silly pants, those little faces!

New dress baby.

Sofia 365: Day 232

Day 232: 10.29.12

Monday was a busy day prepping for showing the vacant apartment in the building. We were scheduled to meet two separate people in the evening so we had to make sure it was clean and ready to go. Sofie was doing her best to help out, but mostly was a distraction, but that’s okay.

After meeting our potential renters, we spent the rest of the evening quietly at home and did our typical routine of watching Dancing with the Stars. That show is so addicting…

Anyhoo, here’s Sofie, all fashionable in her little layers.

Pants on Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 231

Day 231: 10.28.12

Sunday, I had a wedding in the morning so Sofie stayed home to hang out with Jason while I went to work.

Once I got home, I had some time to relax, and Sofie did make one major accomplishment! She was able to go potty on the “big” toilet! It hasn’t happened again since, but I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll start to catch on soon…

Proud little buns.

Rockstar Baby

Sofia 365: Day 144

Day 144: 8.1.12

August already! Ahh!

1 more month and summer will be pretty much over. How crazy does that seem?

Wednesday my parents came into town, and as it was convenient they took Sofie back to stay with them for the rest of the week. I have a bit of a slammed schedule this weekend and although I would have preferred her to stay with me, it just made sense that she’d get more attention over there. I actually have a wedding to do over on my parent’s side this coming Sunday so it worked out pretty perfectly.

I did miss her this week though, it’s definitely always going to be a weird feeling not waking up with her in the morning, no matter how many times I do it.

Took this picture before taking her in to meet my parents on Wednesday.

It looks like she’s sporting an innocent smile, but unbeknownst to most, she was actually signalling that she needed to go “potty”. 😉