Sofia 365: Day 218

Day 218: 10.15.12

Monday, I had a photo shoot gig in the morning, and it was also Jason and I’s 3 year anniversary. It’s kind of crazy how fast it’s all gone by…

Anyhow, I somehow managed to oversleep and had to speedily get ready to go and rush out the door. Oh, and the coffee shop downstairs closed down (I know right?!), so I had to speed-walk 3 blocks to the closest coffee stand so I could at least be somewhat coherent by the time I got to the photo shoot.

Luckily, I was only a few minutes late, and the rest of the shoot went really well. I was super happy with the makeup I did and got to work with some great people too.

After getting home, Jason was waiting for me and we tried to decide what to do for the evening (romantic right?). Being broke as we were, we couldn’t really do anything too exciting but decided to go out to get some Thai food at a place we went to on one of our first few dates.

Although it was a bit of a rainy, cold night, it was still a nice evening. It was also nice to get a little time with Jason as well, I don’t think we get opportunities like that nearly as often as we’d like.

Looks like Sofie had a good day with my parents too, she’s looking great for her photo!

Anniversary Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 215

Day 215: 10.12.12

Phew! What a crazy week it has been… and yes, you will hear about it, and yes, it’s finally a good excuse for why I’m behind. Haha.

But let’s recap from where we left off…

Last Friday… it was the third day of doing makeup for the photo shoot series I was working on before we got a bit of a break, so Sofie went over to her grandma’s again.

This time, we drove out to Eastern Washington to a crazy cool solar and wind farm. We had two models to style that day, so it was even more hectic, but fun.

It was so cold and windy, I’m glad I got to stay in the trailer most of the time!

I carpooled with one of the models, so after getting back, I picked up Sofie and headed home to relax. After Sofie crashed, I enjoyed some late night pizza and a nigh cap with Jason before fading out myself.
It was a super long, but productive week, and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with Sofie!

Here she is after we got home from picking her up! Silly girl.

Always the Squints.