Sofia 365: Day 275

Day 275: 12.10.12

I’m catching up! This is good, I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again, but just barely…

Monday I still wasn’t scott free from work, I had a photo shoot that morning with a new model from a local agency looking to get her head shots and some fashion shots to expand her portfolio. I was working with a talented local photographer (Jami Davis) whom I had worked with about a month or so before, so I was very excited to see what new shots we could get that day.
Jason had been laid off for a few weeks and still wasn’t back to work, so Sofie stayed home with him for the morning.

I headed down to my studio where we were doing the hair and makeup prep with the model then headed out around the neighborhood to get shots. We did about 3 or 4 different looks then called it a day. I’m super excited to see how the photos turn out!

After I finished up, I headed home to Sofie and Jason and spent the rest of the day hanging out.
Not really sure how we ended up with this goofy picture of Sofie, but I think it’s pretty priceless!

What the?
What the?

Sofia 365: Day 269

Day 269: 12.4.12

Tuesday, after a morning at my parent’s, I left in the afternoon with Sofie to head back home to Seattle.

Looks like after such a long day, I almost nearly forgot to take her photo, but got her in the nick of time before bed!

Jammies Baby.
Jammies Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 86

Day 86: 6.4.12

Yesterday was a lazy day. Just a lounging, scrounging, sweats and pjs, hanging out mostly on the floor, kind of day. The weather was not so great, I didn’t really plan on doing anything, so Sofie and just hung out around the house until Jason got home. Left overs for dinner, and early bed for everyone, pretty simple.

I definitely need more days like that, but I know I’m only going to get busier, so I should just appreciate it when I have them.

Sofie decided she likes to pose in front of the heater now, don’t know why, but as long as she stands still against a wall, I’m okay with it.

Pajama Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 60

Day 60: 5.9.12

It’s day 60!

The weather turned back cold today. It’s day 3 of my P90x challenge, I feel like I’m falling apart… last time Jason and I tried this we hardly lasted a few weeks. It’s a little different working out by myself, but getting up at 6:00 in the morning to do so before Sofie wakes up… that’s a whole other challenge.

We just made it a lazy PJ’s day, this onesie on Sofie is too cute, but already getting a little on the short side. This is such a cute action shot, glad I was able to capture it.

Action Baby.