Sofia 365: Day 200

Day 200: 9.27.12

Wow, we’ve reached our 200th post and photo! That’s so crazy to think about… we are well over half a year into this project, and it seems like ages ago when I first decided to do it!

But back to reality – I need to catch up on posts, and I’m almost there!

Sofie’s 2nd day at my parents house while Jason and I continued to move our ridiculously large amounts of stuff to our new apartment.
With the end of the month looming, we still had a lot of work to do: painting was one of them.

We started early and spent the day and night painting our apartment back to the stark white we first found it as, we even enlisted the help of Jason’s siblings (a la emergency paint party) so we wouldn’t go completely mad painting all night (though we still nearly did). Thank goodness for the help we got! I really thought I liked painting, but not like that!

Meanwhile Sofie spent another day with her grandparents completely oblivious that her parents were working their butts off cleaning the old apartment that she’ll never see again or probably remember.

What a life, eh?

Baby in Pink.

Sofia 365: Day 199

Day 199: 9.26.12

Wow, we’re almost to 200 posts!

Last Wednesday, Sofie’s first day of the week with my parents.
Jason and I spent the day packing and moving furniture and just being over-all very busy.

Aaaaand, that pretty much sums up our day.

Sofie looks pretty excited to be eating those cookies. Love those little squinty eyes.

Caught with Cookies.

Sofia 365: Day 198

Day 198: 9.25.12

Last Tuesday, my mom came by to help a little with moving and also picked up Sofie for the week. Jason had some time off so we decided to take the week to bust out the last leg of our move. Getting the big furniture, selling the things we don’t need, and cleaning and painting our old apartment. With all of that on our plate it was the best option for Sofie to spend a little more time with my parents so we could finally have everything complete!

I was going to really miss her, but I knew that we also had a lot of work left to do!

Took Sofie’s picture before we left to meet my mom at the ferry. I wonder what she was thinking about?