Sofia 365: Day 150

Day 150: 8.8.12

Here we are!
We made it to day 150 (although posted a day late)! Still, I think that’s definitely something to celebrate! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far already.

I know I say this a lot but it’s crazy to think about all the photos I’ve captured over the past 150+ days; I’ve finally decided how I want to capture her growth and transformation at the end of it all, but I’ll keep mum on most of the details for now… It’s going to be cool though!

I had a trial session in the morning so shortly after getting up and ready I whisked Sofie away to her grandma’s house where she spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon. The weather was still super over-cast but the temperature was pretty ideal. Not too hot, not too cold.

After getting back from my morning work and errands I took Sofie home to hand out for a bit, and by then it was about time for dinner. All in all a pretty standard day.

I did just get a job working on a film for the next few weeks so things are definitely going to be a little more hectic around here… I’m excited, but also nervous. Keep tuned for everything!

I guess if I had realized it was day 150 I would have taken some more exciting photos, but oh well… here’s Sofie in her little onesie, just being… “Sofie”. 🙂

Day 150!

Sofia 365: Day 149

Day 149: 8.7.12

Tuesday was definitely another day where I just took advantage of my day off and did almost absolutely nothing at all, other than watching Desperate Housewives re-runs on Netflix and rolling around the floor with Sofie. Despite my looking like a complete slob I still wanted Sofie to look cute, so I just stuck her in a dress that she hadn’t worn in a long time.

The weather had definitely cooled off a bit and the sun never really came out until later in the day, I couldn’t really complain though, the weather had been way too intensely hot the past few days and I certainly welcomed some shade.

Sofie got a chance to check out some of her new clothes that we had purchased the day before; she was definitely digging them!

I’m gonna throw in a two extra photos since we had a little mini-photoshoot together that afternoon, and because I think they’re super darn cute.
Sometimes I look at this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl and I can’t believe she came out of me!


New clothes baby!
Wild Sofie!
Momma and Sofie