Sofia 365: Day 217

Day 217: 10.14.12

Last Sunday, after spending the morning and afternoon with my parents I made my way back home to Seattle.

Sofie stayed behind with my parents and I believe my dad spent the rest of the afternoon watching football with her and teaching her how to say “touch-down”.
As much as I’m not really a sports fan, I still think it’s pretty cute.

I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a football fan because I really won’t know what to do with her…

Took this photo of her before leaving for home, she was actually pretty good about it that time.

Flower Child.

Sofia 365: Day 214

Day 214: 10.11.12

I had expected to have a good day off today, but last night a last minute job called in and needing the money, I agreed to help out. So I went off late this morning to do a quick makeup and hair gig and came back later this afternoon to hang out and get some work done at home for the rest of the day. Sofie spent the morning with her dad while I was gone and once I got back, she conveniently napped and I was able to get some work done thankfully!
After her nap, Sofie, Jason and I went out for a quick early evening walk around the neighborhood to make a stop at the bank and pick up a few extras for dinner (spaghetti).

Sofie was being a bit of a cranky pants this evening, so I tried getting her to bed early. Not really too successful with that, but she eventually succumbed to sleep…

Here she is from early today, always with the goofy faces!

Silly Face.

Sofia 365: Day 213

Day 213: 10.10.12

Wednesday was day 2 of the photo shoot series for me. So after dropping off Sofie at her grandma’s again in the morning, this time, we went out to an old abandoned (would have been) nuclear power plant down in Satsop, another “middle-of-nowhere” location, but so very very cool. Don’t worry, there wasn’t any nuclear activity or radiation as the plant never actually got up and running.
Once these photos are up and edited from the photographer, I’ll be sure to share on my other makeup and beauty blog!

This was another really fun shoot for me, and I feel like I’m getting a lot of great practice doing hair and makeup for more creative things. As much as I like to do bridal, what I REALLY love is fashion!

We didn’t end up going as late as the last shoot, but we still ran a little behind. I came back in the early evening to pick up Sofie again and go home. I was so tired, as I was giving Sofie a bottle to go to sleep, I totally crashed with her!

Took this photo of Sofie before leaving her grandma’s. Her little squinty eyes are always so funny.

Baby Squints.

Sofia 365: Day 212

Day 212: 10.9.12

Tuesday was a nice day off after a long day on the road. After taking Sofie to a quick doctor’s appointment in the morning, (she is in the 98th percentile for height for her age!), and after having to take 4 shots (poor baby) we headed back home for the rest of the day to take it easy.

Sofie was a pretty good trooper despite being poked and prodded all morning, she hardly cried after her shots but took a pretty solid nap in the afternoon.
I had gotten some ice out to help soothe some of my mosquito bites from the day before, and she had taken them from me when I got up to take her photo.

She kept saying “Cold! Cold!”.

She’s just so darn cute!

Ice, Ice, Doggy.

Sofia 365: Day 211

Day 211: 10.8.12

Monday was my first day on set for a photo shoot series with a local photographer. We were expected to be gone all day so Sofie went over to her Grandma’s house for the day.

As for me, after gathering at a parking lot in Redmond to carpool, myself, model, photographer, assistant, and wardrobe stylists all hopped into a super cool production RV and drove out to the middle of nowhere to do a very awesome fashion-y photo shoot with really expensive clothes and accessories.

We ended up being out there a little longer than planned, so I got home a bit late, and pretty bitten up by mosquitoes, but in good spirits otherwise.

After I came back to pick up Sofie, we gave her a bath, and she fell asleep on the ride home. I had hoped to try to get a picture once I got back, but she was totally zonked out, so I just got a picture of her sleeping instead. How peaceful, right?

Sleepy Times.

Sofia 365: Day 210

Day 210: 10.7.12

Sunday, we took another trip down to the local farmers market to get some fresh fruits, veggies and general yummy food. Sofie had another great time seeing lots of dog dogs and eating up the samples of awesome local foods.

After the market we went home to eat all of the deliciousness we bought and had a nice quiet (as quiet as you can get with a baby) evening at home.

As always, Sofie was being a little goof for her photos. I threw in a little extra action shot of her since it was so good. 🙂

Bows and bows.
Outtake: Intense Face!

Sofia 365: Day 209

Day 209: 10.6.12

Saturday was another slow day, but I welcomed it.

After weeks of running around and losing track of time it was nice to have some quality time with Sofie. We went out to the park to play for a few hours, then treated ourselves to some delicious ice cream before heading back home.

Even with it being an uneventful day, I still managed to get distracted enough to (almost) forget Sofie’s picture.

After getting her a bottle and lying down for bed, I shot up realizing what I had forgotten. Sofie was still wide awake, luckily, so we got up quickly to snap a few shots before turning in for the night.

Bedtime Blast.

Sofia 365: Day 208

Day 208: 10.5.12

Boy, I think I’m all caught up, then I get distracted again!
Well, at least it isn’t as bad this time.

Let’s see…Last Friday was the 5th and as far as I can remember (which isn’t much) I think it was a pretty normal day. Mostly organizing and doing regular house-ly things.

Sofie got into Jason’s wallet though, looking a little mischievous isn’t she?

Money Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 207

Day 207: 10.4.12

Yesterday was another day of little errands with Sofie. It’s so nice having pretty much everything I need within walking distance. All I have to do is walk out the door, stick Sofie in a stroller, and wham, we’re there! Grocery store, park, shopping… it’s pretty sweet.

Sofia has had so much energy lately, she’s been staying up a little later than I’d like, might have to start cutting down on her naps…

I also have a little something extra today. Sofie’s current favorite song is “Gangnam Style” by Psy, she can’t help but dance to it when she hears it – so I made a little video of her dancing the other day. It’s soo adorable. You can watch it down below. Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love.

Sofia 365: Day 206

Day 206: 10.3.12

Welp, it feels great to be all caught up.
It’s time I started getting back into the routine again… I still have a lot of organizing to do, but now that the busy Summer season has past, I will have much more time to focus on what I have been slacking on.

Speaking of slacking… today was a bit of a lazy day, but I think a much deserved one. With all the running around I’ve been doing the past few weeks I have been so exhausted! Sofia and I spent the whole day inside just tinkering and playing, it was nice to have a lazy day with her though, and I think she would agree.

We read books and practiced words, she’s getting very good at imitating my sounds and small phrases. Pretty soon, she’ll be talking in whole sentences!

Here she is, right after waking up from her (very long) afternoon nap; but thanks to her (very long) afternoon nap, I was able to catch up on all of my picture posts, so hooray for that!

Pajama Baby.