Sofia 365: Day 254

Day 254: 11.20.12

Alrighty! I think this will be my last post of the night, but I feel like I made a pretty good dent in the “catch-up” pile.

Tuesday, Sofie was dropped off at her grandma’s house before I drove up North to have a quick meeting with another artist that I will be collaborating with soon on my next “Beauty” venture. I spent a few hours chatting with her and tossing around ideas, before heading back down again to get Sofie.

The new project is still a while away from being launched, but I’m very excited about it, to say the least!

In the mean time, I really need to get organized… now if I didn’t need to sleep…

Here’s Sofie, doing her famous “surprised!” face.

Surprise Face!
Surprise Face!

Sofia 365: Day 253

Day 253: 11.19.12

Moving on along…

Although I planned for another busy day running errands with Sofie, Monday turned out to be a fairly quiet day at home.

It was raining pretty hard that day, so it’s not like I really wanted to go anywhere anyways…

I think I needed a bit of a break anyways, after being out of the house almost every day the last week it was nice to have some time at home with Sofie, just the two of us.

Crazy Hair Baby.
Crazy Hair Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 252

Day 252: 11.18.12

Sunday, I was back on set doing makeup for my friend Autumn’s web series. We were back at my studio again, and Sofie came with me this time! I had spent so much time away from her that week that I just needed some Sofie time…
Sofie had a great time hanging around my studio and watching the goings’ on around set, and everybody loved her, of course.

After a long day hanging out on set, and doing our best to stay out of the cold, we went home to daddy.

Since Sofie was so busy being cute around set, she didn’t nap, so she was pretty tired by the time we got home (so was I). It wasn’t too long before we all were asleep.

Snack Snack.
Set Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 251

Day 251: 11.17.12

That Saturday, I had a wedding to do, so after having a nice family breakfast with Sofie, I headed over to Jason’s mom’s to drop Sofie off for the afternoon.
My wedding was up north, and after realizing I had left my airbrush kit at my studio, I doubled back to Seattle before finally jetting off to my wedding.

I had a super nice, and chill bride along with her whole bridal party, so it just made my life all the easier.

After getting everybody finished and sending them on their way, I packed up and headed back to pick up Sofie.
Traffic was pretty bad on my way back home seeing that it was rainy, dark and slick. I passed two accidents on my way to get Sofie!

After picking up the girl, I headed back home for a late night family dinner, and crashed after a long busy day.

Here’s Sofie’s picture that I took before heading out for the day; she’s sporting a new dress I got for her! I think it’s adorable.

Cheetah Baby.
Cheetah Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 250

Day 250: 11.16.12

Friday, the 16th was a quiet morning at home. I did some catching up on work and prepping for my wedding the next day.

I decided to see about taking a stab at acting and modeling again, so after doing some searching, I found a local agency I was interested in possibly being a part of.

That evening, I went out to an orientation for that agency to see what it was all about. Jason was nice enough to watch Sofie again while I went out for a few hours.
The orientation definitely left me interested, but seeing as I’m dead broke, I might wait awhile since I’ll have to invest some money in getting good headshots and what not…

Well, we’ll see…

In any case, this picture of Sofie is pretty epic, I think. She looks like a little rock star.

Rock and Roll Baby.
Rock and Roll Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 249

Day 249: 11.15.12

The 15th, I was back in Seattle. I got a call last minute the night before to do a headshot session for a local actress so I ran out for a few hours in the morning to do some work and make some money! Jason stayed home hanging out with Sofie and caught up with her since we were gone a few days.
I came back home in the afternoon for a few hours before jetting off again to an event my company was helping to sponsor at the Ann Taylor Loft downtown that evening. There was a great turn out and I also got a chance to make a few new business contacts, which is always great!

It was all in all a good, productive, and busy day.

Food Baby.
e Food Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 247

Day 247: 11.13.12


Anyways, what is it? Two Tuesday’s ago? I was back at my parents house after driving back the night before to get Sofie.
I stayed in Poulsbo for the rest of the day hanging out with Sofie and generally not doing very much… at least as far as I remember.

I really like her photo from the day though, I think that color really pops on her. The cookie crumb on her face is a nice touch too. 🙂


Sofia 365: Day 246

Day 246: 11.12.12

Monday, I did my best to sleep off the long weekend. It’s always weird waking up without Sofie in the house, but even without her around I still can’t seem to sleep in past 10 am. I just feel guilty for some reason, like I’m wasting my day. So after waking up, I planned out my day since I had a few tasks to do on my plate, and I was also heading back to my parents to pick up Sofie.

After running a few errands around the neighborhood in the morning, Jason and I headed downtown since I had a voucher for free underwear at Victoria’s Secret that was going to expire that day. Hey, it’s free underwear! Jason also needed a new jacket, so we spent some time walking around downtown Seattle to search for one. I had an inkling that H&M might have something good, and voila, they were having a huge sale and we were able to find just what he needed.

We’re usually too broke to go shopping (and still are too broke to go shopping), so this was a very rare occurence, but we had a good time.
We headed back up to Capitol Hill to grab some dinner at Samurai Noodle, yummm Ramen.

Then I jetted off to Poulsbo to see Sofie and spend the rest of the night there. I couldn’t wait to see that smiling little face when I got there!

Smiles for Miles.

Sofia 365: Day 245

Day 245: 11.11.12

Sunday was another long day of work for me, but still fun.
After waking up and shooting out of bed (running late), I headed back down to my studio to start the day on set again for my friend’s webseries project. Not necessarily scheduled, but since they were shooting in the neighborhood again, it just made sense to have them use my space again.

I had a wedding job to do in the afternoon, but spent the morning doing makeup of another sort (some light special fx…); I do like being able to mix things up.

Shooting was unfortunately cut short that day as a huge truck was blocking the set location in the alley, (oh, Seattle low budget projects…). However, I had another job to go to anywas, so on the bright side I didn’t need to worry about who would be taking care of touch-ups on the actors after I left.

My wedding was conveniently happening just down the street from my studio, so once I packed up my kit into my car I just zipped down the street and met my bride and her fun bridesmaids just down the street at the Edgewater Hotel.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing hair and makeup for the bridal party, and finished them just in time for her evening ceremony down at the Aquarium. Sounds like fun huh?

After all that was said and done, I headed back home and got ready with Jason to go for a few drinks with our friends Autumn and Seth.
It was a fun night doing a little bar hopping around Capitol Hill, but after all was said and done, I was so ready to go home and crash. I passed out shortly before midnight. What a partier, right?

Looks like my parents had to chase Sofie around for photos, but they got her cornered. Ah well, sometimes she just doesn’t cooperate!


Sofia 365: Day 244

Day 244: 11.10.12

Saturday, was my first day doing makeup on a local webseries for my friend Autumn. Conveniently, they chose a shooting location on the same block as my beauty studio, so everybody was able to set up base camp there and stay out of the cold (even for a part of the day).

Sofie was still at my parents through the weekend, and I’m sure they were having a good time over there.

It was definitely a very chilly day, but it’s always fun when I get to work with my friends and make new ones too. After a long day of standing out in the cold and shooting in various locations around Pioneer Square I headed back home to finally warm up. I spent the rest of the evening figuring out what I was going to have to eat. I eventually just resorted to “enhanced” top ramen… without Sofie around I don’t necessarily have an excuse to make healthy food…

A couple episodes of 30 Rock, then I was out like a light…

Thanks to my parents for getting pictures of Sofie while I’m working. Look a bit surprised isn’t she?

Deer in the Hair Lights