Sofia 365: A Year in the Making

This is it.

I’ve finished it.

The culmination of everything I have been working toward for the last year is here.

The reason why I was the “crazy mom” on Facebook that ¬†posted pictures of her daughter every day, it all now (hopefully) makes sense.

Living day by day, sometimes it’s hard to notice the changes of your little one growing, but they happen, and they happen faster than you think.
Sometimes you take it for granted, and once that moment is gone, it’s gone; they will never be this small, or sweet or innocent again, so cherish those moments.

All the hours and time I spent on this project with Sofia  has been condensed into less than 8 minutes of a beautiful, wonderful, transformation.

Every day, every photo, every frustrating moment, every laugh, and every emotion in between had been captured day by day for an entire year.

And this is what it looks like.

Hope you enjoy!


March Update, Me Rambling, and Sofia 365!

Hi All,

I know it seems I’ve completely dropped off earth the past few weeks, I’ve been super busy, but just wanted to do a quick update since it’s the week leading up to Sofie’s birthday.

Here’s a little of my plan for the culmination of my “Sofia 365” project, as well as what I’ve been up to lately.

Thanks for watching!

Sofia 365: Day 325

Day 325: 1.29.13

A few more catch-up posts for this evening.

Can’t believe we’re almost done with this project, one more month to go… I’m so excited for Sofie to turn 2!

Last Tuesday I headed back over to my parents house in the afternoon to catch up with Sofie and stay for a couple days.
I always feel bad leaving her for long periods of time… now if only I could figure out how to bring her to work with me…’

I soon discovered Sofie’s latest obsession, Toy Story, she can’t get enough of the movie. In fact, she’s enraptured by it every time. On the plus side, it allows me to get a little more work done, on the down side, we watch it about 5 times a day…


Sofia 365: Day 284

Day 284: 12.19.12

I’m almost caught up! This is getting me very excited.


Last Wednesday, Jason and I got up early to get ready for our class which was downtown at the federal building. We had a full day ahead of us learning all the ins and outs of renting and fair housing (snore). It was a pretty different experience sitting in a class with Jason though, something we had never really done before, so it was kind of a fun experience despite the bore of classes and workshops all day.

We did at least have the evening to look forward to. The feature movie (Scrapper) I had worked on the past summer was having a cast and crew screening that night, so I was pretty excited to go out and see the finished product of my work!

The screening went really well, and everybody had good feedback for the movie. Later that night Jason and I headed out with our friend and producer from the movie, Ed, and had a good time walking around Capitol Hill and hanging out drinking.

I must admit, it did catch up with me a little, I don’t really go out that often and by the end of that evening I was juiced!

And here’s Sofie, photo courtesy of my parents, looking pretty sly there.

Sly Baby.
Sly Baby.