My “W’s” of Child Raising

Daily phrases in my household…

WHO taught you that?
WHAT are you eating?
WHEN did that happen?
WHERE did you put it?
WHY are you doing that?

Oh, and I can’t forget:
HOW is that even humanly possible!?


Those are some of mine, what are some of yours?

Sofia 365: Day 318

Day 318: 1.22.13

Last Tuesday, I had a fun little out and about day with Sofie running errands.

I had a quick little artists meeting in the early afternoon for a runway project with local salon Obadiah and some architecture firms, called Product Runway. I’m pretty excited to be a part of it! My makeup artist friend, Alexandra, came along with me again to meet the team and then had a nice little afternoon hanging out at the near by mall.

After we had some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, I headed over to let Sofie play at the indoor play park while Alexandra went out shopping. Sofie had a lot of fun running around and going down the teenie slide like 50 times, not too social yet with the other kids, but she’s getting there!

Headed back home in the early evening and got back for a late dinner. Sofie was pretty pooped from all the playing, so I was able to get her to sleep pretty quick.¬† With all the sleep issues I’ve been having with her lately, it was nice to catch a few Z’s early!


Sofia 365: Day 98

Day 98: 6.16.12

My mom had Sofie for Saturday since I had a bridal gig in the morning.

After finishing that job I headed over to Seattle with Jason to start renovations on my new beauty studio. We spent the rest of the evening there building and hanging out, it was actually pretty fun doing a project with Jason, we don’t really have unique opportunities like that very often. I got a chance to see his skills at work, and I learned a little something about building things too. The studio is going to be so cool, I can’t wait for it to be ready!

Aaaand, there’s Sofie in some cute purple pants!

Purple Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 97

Day 97: 6.15.12

Boy, what an eventful weekend! It was a roller coaster ride indeed.

But now, it’s time to catch up on photos and stories.

Friday I went up to Seattle to meet my mom and drop Sofia off at the ferry, I had a wedding party in the morning on Saturday and my mom offered to watch her again. Weekends without Sofie has been a bit bittersweet, but we are working hard this summer so we can be in a better place by Fall.

It was such a nice day on Friday, the sun was out, it was actually warm, and I actually wore shorts. So did Sofie.

After dropping Sofie off I went to surprise Jason when he got off of work since he works down town. Bought him a bottle of coke, and had a chance to see what he was building. Friday traffic was quickly worsening so we just decided to go home and relax for the night. Missing Sofie, but was nice to have some quiet time.

Here’s a picture of Sofie before we left to meet my mom. Love those little rompers. She was wearing my old art school ID card around her neck, she always looks at the picture, points and says “mama!”. So cute.


Sofia 365: Day 96

Day 96: 6.14.12

The weather continues to tease us. It’s really just been kind of grey and humid, not the best combination. Took Sofie out for some quick shopping errands this afternoon, I’m glad we at least got out of the house for a little bit. She is so talkative, she’ll say “Hi” to just about any one that she can bat an eyelash at.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to think of how others perceive children that are not their own; I only just assume they feel the same way that I feel about other kids, mostly just find them obnoxious. Haha, well, I am biased, I suppose. ¬†Sofie is just too cute, but even with that, her continuous greetings to strangers even had me a bit worn down by the end of our shopping trip. I’ve never quite met a baby like Sofia; Her mouth just never stops babbling.

I also had some time to record our 15 month update today, I really do want to get more into video blogging… It’s getting quite late tonight, so it’ll probably just be posted tomorrow, so keep tuned! Sofie is running her mouth throughout nearly the entire video.

Hope you enjoy today’s pic! I quite enjoyed her colorful outfit today, she doesn’t nearly have enough greens and blues in her wardrobe. I quite like that color of green on her.

Summer Greens.