Sofia 365: Day 171

Day 171: 8.29.12

We’re getting so close to being half-way through the project! A little over 10 posts/days to go…

Wednesday was a catch-up day for me, more or less. With Sofie still at my parents, and the wrap party to go to that evening, I tried to make the most of my day, although I unintentionally slept in a little longer than I had wanted…
I did some laundry, tidied, and organized my house, and also worked on catching up on my “365” posts too…

All in all a good day, and the wrap party was a lot of fun too. Karaoke, good food, and good company. What more could I ask for?

Here’s a great photo my parents took of her too!


Sofia 365: Day 170

Day 170: 8.28.12

Tuesday was our very last day of filming for the feature I was doing hair and makeup on, so bitter sweet, but it was a great end to a great project.
My parents were coming into Seattle for an appointment that morning and we had a later call time to set, so I met up with them for an early lunch up on Capitol Hill before leaving Sofie with them.
It was a nice day, long, but eventful. Jason even came to hang out while we got our last few shots for the evening. After we wrapped we cleaned up, then hung out a bit for a bonfire, but I was so pooped by the end of it all we didn’t hang out very long, I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Here’s a photo I took of Sofie before leaving to meet my parents in the morning, I think she looked adorable!

Pucker Up.

Sofia 365: Day 169

Day 169: 8.27.12

Monday began one of my last couple of days on set. Sofia went over to her grandma’s house for the day, and I went to work.

She was later picked up by her dad and I came home later that day. Luckily we had early starts, so I was still able to get home at a decent hour.
I was so glad to have her home though, even if I was still working. Just knowing that she’d be sleeping in her own bed after basically 2 weeks gone, I was really happy.

Snapped this photo before leaving in the morning, she was still a bit groggy, I think.

Blankie Girl.

Sofia 365: Day 168

Day 168: 8.26.12

Sorry for the sporadic catch-up posts! I swear I will get them all done today!
Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend – I’ve been pretty busy with work, but luckily had today off.

Last Sunday was the day after we got back from Orcas Island; Sofie was actually making her very first movie debut with a little role in the feature film I was doing hair and makeup for. She came with me in the morning to hang out on set before her scene as I got everybody else ready for the day.
Jason came a little later to hang out and watch, once it was time for her scene I was worried she would be a fussy mess, she had been up all morning and had been pretty antsy. Surprisingly, she did super well!
After lunch, she went home with her dad and promptly fell asleep. I worked for the rest of the day and luckily got to go home a little earlier than planned.

All in all, a very good day.
I’ll post some behind the scenes photos in the future, once we’ve gotten permission to share!

OH! And I’d almost forgotten to mention – it was my mother’s birthday too last Sunday, so happy (belated) birthday mom!

Deer in the Headlights.

Sofia 365: Day 167

Day 167: 8.25.12

Last Saturday, our first (and last) full day on Orcas Island was also quite eventful. I had to get up bright and early for my wedding gig, but of course ended up sleeping in a little longer than I intended; luckily I still ended up being on time and everything went smoothly. The bride was happy, and everybody looked great, my two most important things when it comes to doing weddings.

Sofia spent the morning with Jason, there was a farmer’s market happening as well as a handful of other weddings sprinkled throughout the island. It really WAS wedding central there; we were so in love with the island and it’s secluded awesomeness it was just another temptation to move there knowing there could be good business… But one can only dream, I am, alas, a city girl at heart, and I’d probably end up going stir crazy.

After I was done with my wedding, Jason came to pick me back up after checking out of the inn and we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around and exploring the island. Sofia was asleep for the majority of the driving, but that gave way to a peaceful drive. We ended up driving to the top of Mt. Constitution, then coasting back down again. It was the perfect day to be up there, and the view was incredible! (I’ve included a photo down below)

After driving back down, we hit a local restaurant before heading back to the ferry (this time we didn’t miss it!). It was a late night drive home, but all the worth it to be able to pass out in our own bed. Though it was a short trip this time, it was still fun, and I know we’ll be back there again soon.

It was another day where Sofie’s “official” photo got lost in the mix, but we still managed to get a decent (outdoor) one, courtesy of Jason. Enjoy the extra pics also!

Vacation Baby.
On the Bridge.
Sofie and Jason.
The awesome view.


Near the top of Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island.

Sofia 365: Day 166

Day 166: 8.24.12

Alrighty! Round two of photo catch-up coming right up!

Last Friday was a very long, busy day and the start of my “work-cation” adventure with Sofia and Jason. Although I knew I was going to be working for a good portion of the trip, I was still excited to be taking a first official “vacation” as a family.

The morning started off early with a drive around the sound to pick up Sofie from where she had been staying at my parent’s house. After picking her up we hit the road to Port Townsend where we were catching a ferry out to Anacortes before our final leg of the trip which was another ferry out to Orcas Island.

It was a great day out, sunny, warm and just darn beautiful. By the time we arrived at the Port Townsend ferry Sofie was zonked out asleep already. She woke up once we got on the ferry so we got a chance to check out the views, I’ve posted a few photos from our first day down below.
Once we got to Anacortes though we had a bit of a wait; it was about an hour drive from the first terminal to the one that would take us to Orcas. Once we arrived there we found out that we wouldn’t be making the ferry we were hoping to catch, so the 4 hour wait until the next one commenced.

It was hot, and a little cramped in the car, but not too bad. Sofia and I walked around every once in a while and even went down to the beach near by. It was probably only the 2nd or 3rd time she’d seen the ocean up close before, kind of cool, I think.

By the time the ferry came around we had had dinner and Sofie was starting to get pretty tired. She spent the last of her energy running around the ferry, she had a blast with the wind blowing in her face. The views were amazing too, the sun was just setting and the skyline was awesome. Once we got off the ferry and took the short drive to the inn, Sofia was out like a light.

I had completely forgotten to take her photo of the day, so I apologize for her sleeping position. However, I hope these other photos make up for it!

Pooped Baby.
Car Sleeper.
Waiting for the Ferry on Anacortes.
Sofie and Me.
Ferry Lunch with Daddy.

Sofia 365: Day 165

Day 165: 8.23.12

Last Thursday was my last day on set for the week. They were all long days and I was definitely looking forward to having some time “off” and seeing Sofie again!
I had a wedding way out in Orcas Island that Saturday so my parents were great enough to pay for the family to have a little mini “work-cation” over there for Friday and Saturday.

After getting home Thursday I packed and got everything ready to go because Friday was going to be a very long day.
Here’s Sofie’s photo from the day, another “deer in the headlights” look. 🙂

Whitey Whites.

Sofia 365: Day 164

Day 164: 8.22.12

Last Wednesday’s photo! Need I say more?

Sofie has such an adorable little “surprise” face! That cheese stick again!

Surprise Face!

Sofia 365: Day 162

Day 162: 8.20.12

Monday came around again, and I had a good night’s sleep with Sofie by my side but it was back to the grind for me. After quickly getting ready in the morning, I snapped this photo of her before heading back out to Seattle for another week of busy movie-making work.

She is such a little goofball, playing with my keys and bracelet, her little face is always making funny faces.

Bed Head and Bracelets.

Sofia 365: Day 161

Day 161: 8.19.12

Sunday I had another wedding to do, and it was another crazy day! But after my work was done I drove back over to my parents house so I could get a chance to see Sofie for a little bit before I left for another week of work.

Even though Sofie was sleepy and tired by the time I got to my parents house I was still glad I had a chance to see her and snuggle up with her when I went to bed.

This picture of her is so cute and funny, her face just cracks me up!

Squinty Eyes.