Sofia 365: Day 180

Day 180: 9.7.12

Friday was yet another warm day. I spent most of the morning continuing our apartment search although we had already put an application in on a place. I made an appointment to see another apartment later that day.

So, that afternoon I dropped Sofie off at her grandma’s and I headed to meet Jason after work to see the apartment, which ended up being quite spacious and nice, but we’re not sure if it’ll work.
It looked like Sofie had a good afternoon swimming in the kiddie pool; although it wasn’t the pool in our complex, she still got to cool down and have fun, lucky her.

Here she is – stylin’ in her summer romper.

Summer Ruffles.

Sofia 365: Day 179

Day 179: 9.6.12

Ack, it seems I can’t seem to stay caught up! I need to develop better posting habits.
Thursday was a fairly quiet day at home, as far as I can remember. It was also very hot.

Because it was so hot, I decided that it would be a good day to take Sofie down to the pool in our complex, because we have only been out there once, and it was an opportune time.

Kids were back in school so no splashing or noise, it was the middle of the day on a Thursday so most people would be working, it was going to be perfect!

So, I gather Sofie up, get towels, get her in her swimsuit, grab some sunscreen, get in my swimsuit pack up snacks and juice and head down to the pool. Lo and behold, it’s closed for a photo shoot.

What the heck? The one day I actually make an effort and it backfires on me!

Oh well, so Sofie and I trekked all the way back home, both of us bummed, and still no way to cool down.
It ended up being fine though, we just hung out in the house and tried our best to stay cool.

Here’s Sofie’s photo of the day – she looks a bit shocked, not quite sure by what, but I think it’s a funny photo. Her expression and body language is priceless!


Shock Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 148

Day 148: 8.5.12

Sunday was certainly less hectic than the day before, but definitely no less hot! I was great that I got a chance to do a wedding over on my parent’s side at least once for this season. The weather was beautiful, albeit hot, and I got to help another bride get all beautiful and ready to go for her special day.

There’s definitely something to be said about my line of work, you get to be a part of some of the most intimate moments of a person’s life. It’s kind of a strange perspective, especially seeing so many different brides and how they handle their own day differently. It’s pretty interesting, and I’m thankful and lucky to be a part of these moments.

After I finished my job, I ran a few errands then came home for an early dinner. Veggie dogs and baked beans, not bad at all.

Poor Sofie was so tired because she hadn’t napped all day, she fell asleep at the table! After dinner, I got everything packed and ready to go and whisked Sofia away back home to our apartment and daddy.
We took this picture earlier in the day before we left, Sofie was playing in the pool while I was working and got changed once I got home. She insisted on holding the dog’s collars and clothes for the photo.

Maldy’s Clothes.

Sofia 365: Day 147

Day 147: 8.4.12

Saturday was a HOT, HOT day.

I had to get up early to drive to a wedding which was about an hour and a half away; even at 6 am it was still about 70 degrees. No joke.

I hardly realized the temperature change because I had been working inside with my bride and her bridesmaids all morning, but the instant I stepped outside of that air conditioned building the humidity and heat hit me like a brick wall. It was sweltering, all I could think about was hope that the bride wouldn’t melt in her dress! She did look absolutely fabulous though, if I say so myself!

Once I got back from my wedding I had to head straight to my studio to meet another bride for a trial session. I think I did pretty great with her as well.

Sofie kept cool in her pool at my parent’s house all day. Lucky her, wish I could have hopped in a pool!
Anyways, after that long, long day I still had to prepare to take a ferry over to my parent’s house for my wedding on Sunday because it was in Poulsbo.

You’d think that after I finished my trial session I would have been home free, but no, I somehow had managed to “lose” my car keys so I was stuck. After about an hour of freaking out, being hungry, thinking I had locked my keys in my trunk and calling Jason and having him bring out his spare keys to me, I still didn’t find my keys. They weren’t in my trunk, not in my car, not anywhere between where I had parked and my studio, which wasn’t very far at all… After some exasperation I checked inside my purse again.

(This is the part where I hit myself in the head, hard)

The keys had slipped into a pocket I didn’t even know had existed until that point, hence the whole not being able to find it part. I felt like an idiot, but all I really wanted to do was get to my parents home and sleep.

I caught the next ferry back over and finally got home around 10pm, from waking up at 5:30 am to going to bed around 11, I pulled a pretty long and eventful day.

I’m just at least glad that I could snuggle up next to Sofie at the end of it all.

Serious Face.

Sofia 365: Day 126

Day 126: 7.14.12

Saturday I had another work day, but it was a little shorter than the day before. I had a great time doing makeup for a small wedding party at my friend’s salon that early afternoon. The weather was great again, so I hope everything went well for them!

Getting stuck in traffic on the way home was a bit of a bummer, but after I got home that afternoon I just unwound and spent time with the fam. It sounded like she had a great time hanging out with her dad for the day, I’m glad she’s getting to spend more time with him.


Sofia 365: Day 125

Day 125: 7.13.12

Friday was a very, very long day… I got up at 5:30 (along with Sofie) to go to an early morning hair styling gig in Tacoma. I had appointments all day and evening and didn’t get home until late in the evening. It ended up being almost a 15 hour day, I was wiped!

I dropped Sofie off at her grandma’s house in the morning and she spent the day there. I almost didn’t have time to take a photo!

Sofie was so tired when we got home, but Jason and I were able to coax her into a picture with a bottle before bed.

Look at those tired little eyes, poor baby!

Tired Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 124

Day 124: 7.12.12

I feel like I have just been perpetually behind and catching up on photos lately. Well, it’s a busy season for me, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

It was almost too hot out on Thursday to go out and do anything, so we spent most of the day indoors or out on our balcony. I tried taking Sofie out to play for a little bit but we just ended up wandering around the complex and heading back after about a half hour or so because Sofie was working up quite a sweat and thirst.

She did look awfully cute in her purple shorts.

Purple Shorts.

Sofia 365: Day 123

Day 123: 7.11.12


Last post and I’ll be all caught up!

Yesterday was so hot out! We tried keeping cool in the house for the majority of the day, but I ended up taking Sofie out to get some pool/swimming gear so I could finally take her to the pool that afternoon/evening.

Sofie was all ready and adorable in her swimming gear and vest, she was also rocking a cute swim suit courtesy of my mom.
She didn’t really take to the water at first, but by the end I had her splashing around and having fun.  She was all puffed up in her little swimming/life vest, it was cute; it’ll still be a long while before I’ll let her swim on her own, but it was a good start!

Little Swimmer.

Sofia 365: Day 122

Day 122: 7.10.12

Almost done! Rocking out posts, and it’s not even 8 am yet, who the heck am I?

Tuesday I met up with my parents in Seattle to pick up Sofie, they had their own errands to run so I just ended up picking her up and heading straight back home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and running a few errands. Sofie had to get up early to catch the ferry over with my parents, so she was a bit of a grouch most of the day, but Jason and I were still happy to have her home!

From the looks of her photo, so was she. 🙂

Baby smiles.

Sofia 365: Day 121

Day 121: 7.9.12

Two more posts after this one! I’m going to be blowing up all my subscribers notification feeds! (Speaking of subscribers, thank you to all that follow me on this blog, it keeps me encouraged to keep posting!)

Monday was mostly a lazy day for me, my parents were coming in to Seattle on Tuesday so instead of driving over to get Sofie and having to go back the next day I just ended up staying home to save some gas and time. I was sure missing Sofie by that point, I don’t really notice as much when I’m not working and I know I’ve said this before, but it’s always a weird sensation to wake up and not have her at home.

I ended up heading to Seattle and hanging out with my friend Autumn (and later catching up with her bf Seth as well) and getting some sun, actually more like getting a little sun-burned, but it was still a fun afternoon/evening nonetheless. Even more reasons to move back to Seattle! Friends, friends, friends!

Here’s Sofie’s Monday photo – she’s looking a bit grumpy. Misses her mama (or is just constipated), I think. 🙂

Grumpy face.