Sofia 365: Day 302

Day 302: 1.6.13

Had another nice day yesterday with Sofie.

I feel like I’m getting off to a good start with 2013. I’m trying to be more productive, more organized, and setting some new goals for myself this year. I will be sure to share these goals very soon!

I am also working on getting my company off on it’s sophomore year of business, making a few changes on that end as well, plus I’m working towards a goal of being paperless by the end of the year!

I took one last trip to Target with Sofie, I feel like I go there quite often these days… probably because I have a ton of gift cards to spend from the holidays… although I should still be saving money… Sofia and I have gone there so much this past month that she has learned to expect to get a sticker at the check out line, she even asks for them! “Please, Sticker, Please!”

I had to return an item I purchased last week that I realized was broken, but unfortunately for me, I had the irritating realization at the store that they no longer had that item in stock. So I had to buy multiple of a similar item, even though they didn’t really do the job as well as the original item I had bought, and then of course I get distracted and end up spending more money, because I always do that…

Once Sofie and I got home, Jason’s dad came over to watch the Seahawk’s game. Apparently they’re doing well this year? Not that I pay much attention to professional sports, mostly just over grown jocks getting paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around for a few hours every few days. That seems fair, right?

Well, they won, and everybody was happy.

So, long story short, do I still really care? Nope.

Anyhow, Sofie got through the day without a nap, and was pretty tired and cranky by the end of it. We got through dinner without her dozing off, then bath, then off to night night land. And then the adults had a little time to pig out on chocolates and watch more Portlandia, the show is even funnier in the second season!

Floral Pants!
Floral Pants!

Sofia 365: Day 301

Day 301: 1.5.13

Saturday Jason and I awoke, a little late, after sleeping off the fun (and possibly some booze…) we had the night before. I was planning on doing a little work done around the house before picking Sofie back up from my parents in the early afternoon.

My parents came over on the ferry with her later that day and I met them downtown to pick Sofie up. We were planning on going to Jason’s grandma’s house, (Sofie’s great-grandmother!) for dinner, so after stopping by the house for a little bit to pick up a few necessities, we drove over to Bellevue to visit his family.
It was a nice,  fun evening, we don’t typically see Jason’s dad’s side of the family that often so it was cool to pay them a visit, and have Sofie get to know them a little better as well.

Sofie seemed to have a great time, and we even ended up hanging out later than we expected too! After heading home, Sofie was pretty pooped after not napping all day and doing all the running around she did. We were all pretty much ready for bed, by then, so wasn’t long before we were all snoozing along with Sofie.


Day 301: 1.5.13

Sofia 365: Day 300

Day 300: 1.4.13

Wow, we’ve made it to the 300th post!

Gosh, now we just have a little over 60 days to go. This is crazy, and then she’ll be TWO!

Time just honestly flies by so quickly…

Yesterday was a bit of a fun day for Jason and I.

After spending the night at my mom’s, Sofie stayed behind for an extra night so Jason and I could have a night out on the town. We were invited to come see a show by a local band  (Sleepy Pilot) that I recently did hair styling for a music video for. It was at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown and neither Jason or I had been there before so we figured it would be a fun experience.

Plus! The drummer of the band had the exact same name as Jason, two Jason Bairs in one place, imagine that!

We drove down for the show and stayed to watch the band play their set, I must say drinks at the Hard Rock are pretty expensive!

All in all, it was a fun show, and Jason Bair and Jason Bair finally came face to face after they have haunted each other at Guitar Center for years. And they would have probably never met unless I did that music video too. Weird how things work out like that…

After the show, we headed back up to the hill with a craving for sweets. So we headed over to the local chocolate bar to pick up some truffles and some tiramisu for dessert. Boy was it good…

We ate our sweets and watched a few episodes of Portlandia on Netflix before passing out. Good night, good night…

Snapped a picture of Sofie before I left to head back to Seattle that morning, I’m pretty sure she knew I was leaving. Look at that stink eye!

Stink Eye.
Stink Eye.

Sofia 365: Day 299

Day 299 1.3.13

Yesterday, Sofie and I headed out to my parent’s house for a belated New Years visit. We took a nice walk to the start the day to grab some late morning breakfast at our friendly nearby Starbucks cause I didn’t feel like making breakfast that morning and I had a gift card to burn through.

After heading home and eating, we packed up some launder to take over to my parents then headed out for the rest of the day. Sofie took a nice little nap on the drive there, and we got to my parents house just before dinner.
Sofie really loves seeing the dogs at my parents house. My corgi Benji, recently had some surgery to remove a small benign tumor from his side, so he still has a scar from it, Sofie sees it and says he has a “bo-bo”. We reassure her that he’ll be okay.

On the downside, it seems that Sofie might be slightly allergic to dogs. She always get’s a slight rash whenever she touches them. Something we’ll need to look into in the future…


Sofia 365: Day 298

Day 298 1.2.13

Wednesday, Sofie and I spent the morning running a few errands around town and picked up a few more little things for the house. Once we got home, we did a little more organizing. I reconfigured Sofie’s room one last time to get everything perfectly in place. She really loves having that extra space to run around in.

As usual, Sofie did a good job of making a mess of the whole place. I swear, whenever I vacuum, I guarantee the rug has crumbs on it 15 minutes later. It’s almost pointless!
But, I like having a clean house, so I continue the cycle.

After having all the “asian” type cuisine for the past few days, I really craved something different, and easy to make because I was feeling lazy. So we made some spaghetti for dinner, evidenced by the sauce stain on Sofie’s nose and sweater.

I hope she enjoys it while she lasts, because less and less people are going to find her cute with food stains on her face and clothes as she gets older…

Spaghetti Sauce Nose
Spaghetti Sauce Nose

Sofia 365: Day 297

Day 297: 1.1.13

New Years Day!

After staying up late the night before we all slept in a bit, but with the onset of the new year, we wanted to get our house in ship-shape once in for all!

We spent most of the day sorting and utilizing our organizational furniture. Is it weird that I enjoy organizing as much as I do? I could seriously do this for a living!

By the end of the day I felt great with all that we accomplished, the house was finally in order and Sofia finally has a room she can run around in!

I feel like with the new year, some resolutions are in order, but I am still not quite sure I have my full list yet… I need to work on that. 🙂

And yes, I have a lot of goals for this next year, and a lot of things I need to work on. One at a time, I say, one at  a time.

Year of the Snake, here we come!

New Years Baby!
New Years Baby!

Sofia 365: Day 296

Day 296: 12.31.12

New Years Eve!!!

The family and I were out and about for most of the day Monday. Had quite a few errands to run… dropping off donations before the first of the year… and mostly doing a major shop at Target for all the furniture and shelving we needed to organize the rest of our stuff. It only took us 3 months since we moved in to finally get this house in order, that’s not bad, right?

After a long shopping trip with cranky Sofie, we headed home to start putting all of this stuff together!
I had to leave for a few hours to meet with a client for a trial session at my studio, then came back in time to make some New Years Eve food (traditional Japanese udon for long life).

Last New Years Eve, Sofie conked out way before midnight, but no, she wasn’t stopping this time! She stayed up to party with mommy and daddy, and we even let her try some sparkling cider (non-alcoholic of course!). She loved staying up with us, and we had a nice time watching the New Years Eve celebrations on tv and hanging out as a family. I even had some time to make a little video for my Youtube channel, which has been dormant for a while.

By midnight, the fireworks were going off all around us, and Sofie kept saying “boom, boom, boom!” and “SHUSH!”. Kind of wish we were able to watch some of the fireworks, but hey, there’s always next year.

Not too long after we rang in the New Year, we all turned in for bed. Hopefully this won’t mess up Sofie’s sleeping patterns too much…

NYE Baby!
NYE Baby!

Sofia 365: Day 295

Day 295: 12.30.12

Sunday was another bit of a busy day for us here. We got up early to get a good start to the day, and then I headed down to meet my parents in the International District for our traditional New Year’s Dim Sum lunch, and my parents even got me some goodies from the Asian food store so I can make my own New Years dinner!

After Sofie and I met with my parents for lunch, we headed off to Jason’s moms to drop Sofie off for the day so she can spend time with her other grandma too. After that, I headed back home to do some organizing around the house, because we were planning on buying a few more pieces of shelving and furniture to help organize the limited space that we have in our apartment so it will work more efficiently.

Some of that got done… but as usually happens when we have a day off without Sofie, we kind of just lazed around for the majority of the day.

Ah well…

Anyhow, after dinner I headed back to pick Sofie up.

Boy, she was a ball of energy. Couldn’t get her to sit still for a picture at all, so here we have it: Sofie blowing a horn, sitting on her shopping cart rider thingy.

Drive Me Nuts!
Drive Me Nuts!

Sofia 365: Day 294

Day 294: 12.29.12

Wow, I’m actually nearing 300 posts, that is both exciting and frightening.

The New Year is just around the corner, and to think about all the things that have happened just this year, it’s pretty mind boggling, and I don’t use that phrase lightly, or ever.

I’m too nostalgic for my own good…

Well, today I didn’t change out of my pj’s all day. So that’s usually a sign of my not giving a crap. Stayed home with Sofie doing more organizing, gathering old toys and clothes to donate to Goodwill. Sofie mostly just made a mess of the house by spreading her new toys all over the living room floor.

Only when she passed out this evening on the couch after another no-nap day did the floor finally become clear of toy debris.

And here I am again… typing away.
Just spent half an hour trying to figure out my credit score online… No, I do not want to start a free trial dammit!

Like I said before, my life is super exciting, eh?

Well, Sofie seems to think so.

Surprise Buns?
Surprise Buns?

Sofia 365: Day 293

Day 293: 12.28.12

Yesterday, Sofia and I awoke at my parents house after a nice relaxing sleep.

Then after our morning meal, we packed up our things, which was quite a lot considering I brought 5 loads of laundry over, plus all the presents we had acquired from Christmas time… and made our way back to Seattle.

We got home by early afternoon then spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing, and putting all that laundry away.

I know, my life is so exciting.

Mac and Cheese for dinner, Sofie couldn’t stop saying “mac and cheese” over and over again, she also learned a silly but endearing phrase from my dad, “drive’s me nuts!”, she can’t stop saying that either.

What a little parrot.

After not napping all day we got her to bed early, thought I’d have time to get some work done, but nope, I made home made whipped cream and ate a huge bowl of ice cream while watching The Tudors, and fell asleep.

Like I said, my life is so exciting.

Sofie’s got some major double chin action happening right here.