Sofia 365: Day 317

Day 317: 1.21.13

Shoot, how did I get a week behind again?

Well, I guess it’s time to catch up.

I feel like I had just gotten all caught up, too.

Last Monday I had a hair styling gig in the evening so after some nice day time hang out with Sofie I headed out with my friend Alexandra, a makeup artist, to go to work in Bellevue. Jason stayed home with Sofie, and got a little help from his mom and Aunt later in the evening.

Boyy, what a crazy long night that was. I don’t think I’d ever dealt with a gypsies in real life, but it was quite an experience to say the least… It was a lot of work, for a lot of haggling, but hey, I needed the money… with that said, I probably won’t be booking jobs with gypsies any time soon, or any hagglers at that matter. I can’t under value myself!

I was glad to just get home with Sofie and go to bed, I was soo extremely exhausted.

Little Tongue
Little Tongue

Sofia 365: Day 316

Day 316: 1.20.13

Ahh, I’m all caught up and all is right with the world… mostly.

Today was definitely an improvement from the day before, though I didn’t get to spend too much time with Sofie. Jason’s mom had scheduled some Sofie time earlier this week, so I took her over to hang out with her grandma for the day. It did give Jason and I another good day to get the house more organized, I think we FINALLY have it the way we want it to be. We were able to rearrange the house and move in a bed into the bedroom so we have more sleeping options than the pull-out bed we’ve been using in the living room. I’m hoping this might also aid in the sleep issues we’ve been having with Sofie as well.

A sofa bed isn’t really the most comfortable, either, so I’m really excited about having the pillow top back!
It was all in all a pretty productive day, I was even able to make some money selling a few more clothes and items from the house that we didn’t need/want. ¬†Earlier in the evening I went out to meet up with a friend of mine who is also a makeup artist, we have some work to do tomorrow evening so got together for a little pow wow. We ended up talking for quite a while catching up, and before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Sofie.

It looked like Sofie had a great time with her grandparents today, and she definitely seemed very tired by the time I picked her up. She fell asleep on the drive home and has been snoozing since!
She’s so adorable when she sleeps, probably more so because she’s being quiet!

Ahh, kids…

Well, I’m going to sign off for the evening. I’m going to try and get up early and get a good start to Monday. (I fee like I say that all the time, but hopefully this week, I’ll really do it!)


Little Sofie before we dropper her off at her grandma’s house. Eating her breakfast on-the-go, a bit messy, I’ll admit… but still cute!

Food Face.
Food Face.