Sofia 365: Day 36

Day 36: 4.15.12

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. I was skeptical about the warmth before stepping outside, but I ended up changing Sofie into something more “spring”-like before we went out.

I think it’s the first time she has worn this cute black dress. I rather like it.

I wanted to get a picture of her with those sunglasses on, but she just wouldn’t keep them on her head.

Ready to go.

Sofia 365: Day 35

Day 35: 4.14.12

Sofie spent most of the day with her dad today since I had a lot of work to do today. A photoshoot and a fashion show! Whew, I’m tired.

Glad to be back home relaxing though. Looks like Sofie had a good time today, I’m glad she got some good bonding time with her dad, she needs that.

Look at that smile, doesn’t get much better than that!

All Smiles.