Sofia 365: Day 317

Day 317: 1.21.13

Shoot, how did I get a week behind again?

Well, I guess it’s time to catch up.

I feel like I had just gotten all caught up, too.

Last Monday I had a hair styling gig in the evening so after some nice day time hang out with Sofie I headed out with my friend Alexandra, a makeup artist, to go to work in Bellevue. Jason stayed home with Sofie, and got a little help from his mom and Aunt later in the evening.

Boyy, what a crazy long night that was. I don’t think I’d ever dealt with a gypsies in real life, but it was quite an experience to say the least… It was a lot of work, for a lot of haggling, but hey, I needed the money… with that said, I probably won’t be booking jobs with gypsies any time soon, or any hagglers at that matter. I can’t under value myself!

I was glad to just get home with Sofie and go to bed, I was soo extremely exhausted.

Little Tongue
Little Tongue

Sofia 365: Day 316

Day 316: 1.20.13

Ahh, I’m all caught up and all is right with the world… mostly.

Today was definitely an improvement from the day before, though I didn’t get to spend too much time with Sofie. Jason’s mom had scheduled some Sofie time earlier this week, so I took her over to hang out with her grandma for the day. It did give Jason and I another good day to get the house more organized, I think we FINALLY have it the way we want it to be. We were able to rearrange the house and move in a bed into the bedroom so we have more sleeping options than the pull-out bed we’ve been using in the living room. I’m hoping this might also aid in the sleep issues we’ve been having with Sofie as well.

A sofa bed isn’t really the most comfortable, either, so I’m really excited about having the pillow top back!
It was all in all a pretty productive day, I was even able to make some money selling a few more clothes and items from the house that we didn’t need/want.  Earlier in the evening I went out to meet up with a friend of mine who is also a makeup artist, we have some work to do tomorrow evening so got together for a little pow wow. We ended up talking for quite a while catching up, and before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Sofie.

It looked like Sofie had a great time with her grandparents today, and she definitely seemed very tired by the time I picked her up. She fell asleep on the drive home and has been snoozing since!
She’s so adorable when she sleeps, probably more so because she’s being quiet!

Ahh, kids…

Well, I’m going to sign off for the evening. I’m going to try and get up early and get a good start to Monday. (I fee like I say that all the time, but hopefully this week, I’ll really do it!)


Little Sofie before we dropper her off at her grandma’s house. Eating her breakfast on-the-go, a bit messy, I’ll admit… but still cute!

Food Face.
Food Face.

Sofia 365: Day 315

Day 315: 1.19.13

Yesterday, Sofie came back home from my mom’s and I went down to the ferry to meet and pick her up.
Jason and I made it our goal to get the vacant apartment unit in our building rented, so we held an “Open House” at our building, not a super huge turn out, but I think we found a renter. Crossing our fingers, any way.

Later that day, Jason went out to run some errands while Sofie and I stayed home. She was a bit of a cranky girl most of the evening so it was a bit of a difficult night for me. She hadn’t napped all day and was clearly very tired, and as patient as I wanted to be, I was frankly tired too. It’s been a bit difficult for us to settle into a good sleep pattern since we moved here (I talk more about it in my weekly video update here), and it’s been starting to catch up to me. I find myself to be way more irritable and short-tempered, and I feel bad when I feel like I can’t handle Sofie sometimes because of it.

So, it was a bit of a rough evening, but Sofie and I eventually worked things out and were in a good place by bed time. I understand that sometimes things are going to be tough raising a toddler, but I except the challenge and hope I can better myself by working through the hard days like yesterday.


Poor cranky, tired Sofie, she was ready for bed.


Sofia 365: Day 314

Day 314: 1.18.13

Friday, I took Sofie over to my parents house to spend the night. It was my friend Amber’s last night in Seattle before she headed back to California, so we had plans to get together that evening to send her off.

I went over on the ferry with Sofie that morning and met up with my mom on Bainbridge Island, we got some lunch and spent some time chatting, then I headed back to the ferry to go back to Seattle for the evening.

I was excited to spend some time with Amber before she left however, plans changed and she had to bump up her flight, so we didn’t really get to see each other before she left. A bit of a bummer, but things happen…

Although, that extra time in the evening did give Jason and I a chance to have some good hang out time; we got some pizza and played music for most of the night.
Music is something that I really enjoy; I played piano for over 10 years, and I’ve tinkered with guitar for just as long. It has always been a pipe dream of mine to have a band someday, and getting to play some music Friday night kind of made me hopeful it might still happen. I think Sofie would love to hear me play more music, I do need to get my keyboard fixed though… hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sofie before we left that morning – she always knows when I’m going to drop her off somewhere, always with the look!

Baggy Pants.
Baggy Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 313

Day 313: 1.17.13

Thursday Thursday, it was a slow morning, but picked up by afternoon.

I had to head out to meet a bride for a trial session so Sofie stayed home with her dad. It all went really well and I was happy with the work I did. I say this a lot, but I often doubt myself in whether I want to keep doing makeup and hair for the rest of my life, but whenever I work with people and see how happy I can make them, it’s really reassuring and it makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do. I guess that sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s how I feel.

I got home later that evening and Jason’s dad had popped by to visit for a bit, looked like they were all having fun. Jason even had dinner ready and waiting for me, it was very sweet.

Aaand, Sofie was being a goofball.

As per usual.


Sofia 365: Day 311

Day 311: 1.15.13

I’m letting myself fall behind again, and I promised I wouldn’t let that happen!


Tuesday was just a lazy day at home for me and Sofie. Sometimes you just have those days when you really don’t want to get out of your pjs, so I didn’t (for the majority of it). I really relish those days…

Did a bunch of nothing most of the morning hanging out with Sofie, and then got a text later in the afternoon from my friend Amber who was visiting in town. She was in the neighborhood and wanted to see if we could get together. So, of course, I changed out of my pj’s and tried to make myself semi-presentable and went out into the weather with Sofie (she was of course bundled up in about 5 puffy layers). It was really chilly out, but Sofie wanted to walk and play, so Amber and I went out to the park to let Sofie run herself tired before the cold got almost too unbearable and we headed to my place for a little bit to warm up.

Later, I dropped Amber off with her friend to take a bus back to where she was staying. Dinner was prepared and it was looking to be a good end to the day. Sofie didn’t take a nap again, so she was falling asleep at her dinner seat. She was so adorably tired, I just got her into the bath and to bed as soon as I could, pretty much forgetting to get a picture of her.

I promised myself I’d keep the integrity of this project so I snapped one while she was sleeping. (Not creepy at all, right?)

Sleepy Babe.
Sleepy Babe.

Sofia 365: Day 312

Day 312: 1.16.13

Well, I was a little lax on myself this week, but now it’s time to get back on the wagon!

Wednesday was week 2 of my acting workshop so I headed out again that evening leaving Sofie and Jason at home for the night.

Class was good and productive again, I feel like I’m starting to get my old acting chops back. I think that’s good!

Got home and Sofie baby was fast asleep, I’m sure she had fun with daddy.

Glad I remembered to snap a picture of her before I left for class!


Sofia 365: Day 310

Day 310: 1.14.13

My brain really needs to wake up!

I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately. Trying to figure out my first year of paying taxes (kind of stressing me out!), getting organized for the new year, and just all kinds of personal stuff in general has got my mind running 24/7 but I just can’t seem to focus on anything for very long.

I just need to do one thing at a time…

Well, let’s get a few posts up and maybe I’ll feel  a little better.

Monday, I went down to pick up Sofie from my mom at the ferry. Then I went around town running errands that I had been meaning to get done. Finally got my camera to a repair shop to see if I can get it fixed (turns out I need a new automatic shutter or something…) so hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll have my camera back and can return my parents!

Sofie and I also did a little grocery shopping, shipped off a few things I sold on eBay then headed home for the day.

That was a lot of running around for me and Sofie, but I felt pretty good about getting work done.

Jason had taken the laundry over to his mom’s house, so it was just me and the girly that evening. We hung out, had dinner, and watched shows on Netflix.
Good mommy-daughter bonding day I’d say.

Hearts and Stripes
Hearts and Stripes

Sofia 365: Day 309

Day 309: 1.13.13

Sunday, Sofie spent one last day at my parents house while I spent another afternoon working on set of the webseries (Causality).

My call time for set was a little later in the day, so before leaving in the morning, Jason and I got up a little early to do some cleaning around the building. Our management duties had been a bit neglected over the holidays, so we did a clean sweep and got some organizing done as well.

Then I left for set and we spent another day out in the elements filming, so very very cold, I’m glad I bundled up! Once I got home and un-thawed again I was so tired!

However, one of my best friends from high school, Amber, was in town visiting for the week, so I went out to grab some coffee and catch up with her. I wanted to be able to spend as possible while she was visiting.
Amber is staying with another old friend along from high school, so I went down to pick them up and it was a nice little reunion. It honestly felt so surreal walking around back in Seattle with these girls, but it was also pretty nice too to see some old friendly faces.



Sofia 365: Day 308

Day 308: 1.12.13

Alrighty, a couple more catch-up posts from this weekend and then I’m going to allow myself time to do some fun stuff (and by that I mean, play some video games before bed.)

Saturday Sofie was off at my mom’s for the weekend, so I left the house early that morning to head out to the web series I was working on with my friend Autumn for the weekend.
Be sure to check it out –

It was FREEZING. Took about 10 minutes to even thaw my car out to drive anywhere, then we spent the whole day shooting in the basement of a cold house. Even though it was cold, it was definitely better than being outside.

The shoot was plenty fun though, and it’s always nice working with my friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all is going to come together.

I headed home later that evening to warm up and relax, Jason sort of got me back into playing video/computer games, nerdy RPG stuff, and I’m not too proud to say I’m getting pretty into it again! Hence, why I want to have some time to play before going to bed.

There does, after all need to be a balance between work and play. 🙂


Thanks to my parents for this adorable picture of Sofie from Saturday.

Stripes and stripes.
Stripes and stripes.