Sofia 365: Day 235

Day 235: 11.1.12


Today is the day.

The day I finally catch up on these posts, and I am not going to let myself down!

Well, on the bright side, at least I’m on the same month now.

The day after Halloween…

Sofie was feeling much better and Jason and I had a lot of work to do as it was the first of the month and all the building rent was due! Since I had a lot of errands to run, Sofie stayed with Jason’s mom for the day so we could make the best use of the day.

After having a fairly productive day, showing the apartment, cleaning, and getting paperwork organized, I headed back to pick Sofie up and bring her home. She was already bathed and fed so all I needed to do was get her back to our house and put her to sleep!

Here she is in her pj’s all ready to go back home.

Polka Dots.

Sofia 365: Day 234

Day 234: 10.31.12

Ahh yes, Halloween. Sofie’s second! Since Sofie was still feeling a little icky, I decided to stay home with her and just make Halloween a quiet one. I spent a bit of the day seeing if I could wrangle up a costume for myself, but I figured since I wasn’t going anywhere with Sofie, why bother? However, I did humor myself and pulled together a costume for Sofie with her assorted cheetah print clothing. I wasn’t able to find my ears and tail that I had worn last year on myself, so just made a make-shift headband with printed out cut-out ears. It actually didn’t turn out looking too bad.

Either way, Sofie was just as adorable as could be, and then of course shortly after taking these photos Sofie pukes all over her outfit, and that was that. Then of course, when I was trying to soak my puke-covered clothing in the tub so they wouldn’t stain, my phone fell into the water and shorted out. I dried it as quickly as I could then stuck it in rice as the internet told me to do, and I listen to the internet. I left it over night and just crossed my fingers it would work the next day.

I added a few extra photos in honor of just how adorable Sofie’s outfit was. I kind of wish I was able to take her out, but there’s always next year… and I promise our costumes will be Epic! I have a whole year to make up for after all.

Cheetah Sofie.
Cheetah Girl