Sofia 365: Day 328

Day 328: 2.1.13

Doing the slow catch-up dance… it ever continues…


Friday was a bit of a busy day of traveling.

I had left my makeup kit at my parents house and I had work to do that following Saturday, so I headed back over that morning to get it, and hang out for a bit with Sofie before going back to Seattle yet again.

I rarely get out of my car when I’m riding the ferry these days, but I was prompted to that day and I was glad I did. A pair of Portland photographers happened to sit in the booth behind me and I was able to overhear a bit of their conversation. I don’t usually like to put myself out there and interrupt strangers, but I did anyway and introduced myself before leaving. We were able to exchange contact info and chat a little bit about the local photography and makeup scene.
Not sure if anything will come of it, but it was a great progress point for me because I hardly ever talk to strangers like that.


Sofia 365: Day 324

Day 324: 1.28.13

I was really missing Sofie last Monday, but in an effort to get our lives a little more organized, Jason and I asked my mom to keep Sofie for one more day at their house.

We worked on getting a schedule together, a budget, something we could stick to and agree on. Things have been tough relation-ship wise lately and we just needed something we could come together on. It was still challenging, but I think we made a little head way.
It’s difficult when we’re butting heads all the time, but we have a mutual interest and care for Sofia, and she is what motivates me to keep trying at our relationship…

Life gets heavy sometimes, but at the end of the day, Sofie always puts a smile on my face.

I mean, look at that face!


Sofia 365: Day 323

Day 323: 1.27.13

I promise not to bombard with catch-up posts, so just a couple more tonight, then more tomorrow…


Sunday was another day of work on the music video, got started even earlier than the day before, but at least our first location was at a coffee shop!

We were outside for a bit of the day Sunday so it was quite chilly, but it was at least a shorter day and I got to warm up pretty quickly once I got home…

Saturday a moo moo and now it looks like Sofie’s dressed for a sock hop! Interesting clothing choices my mother makes for Sofie… at least baby looks a little more mischievous here.

Sock hop baby.
Sock hop baby.

Sofia 365: Day 322

Day 322: 1.26.13

Saturday was day one for me on set of the music video I was working on for a local Hip Hop artist – Spekulation.

I hadn’t ever worked with this crew before and was sent over on recommendation from another makeup artist, so I was looking forward to networking and meeting some new people. It was a fun set, and work was relatively easy, so that was nice…


Here’s Sofie, staying at my parents for the weekend. She looks a bit scowl-y, probably because my mom put her in a moomoo! Haha

Moomoo baby
Moomoo baby

Sofia 365: Day 321

Day 321: 1.25.13

I’ve got some catching up to do yet again…

That Friday, I met one of my soon-to-be brides for a trial session at my studio (my last one there before we moved out, actually…), then I headed back to my parents to meet with a tax guy that a family friend recommended.

I actually ended up learning quite a bit about taxes, it is after all, my first year doing taxes for myself… I kind of want to get it right.

After that, I popped by my parents house to visit with Sofie and have dinner before I headed back home to Seattle. Wish I could have stayed longer with her, but I had a music video to work on that weekend.

She was in good hands though…

Seeing Spots.
Seeing Spots.

Sofia 365: Day 320

Day 320: 1.24.13

More catching up… yes yes…

Last Thursday, Sofie had one last appointment with the chiropractor to make sure she was all good to go, so I went down to the ferry that morning to drop her off with my mom. I would have gone with, but my acting workshop had gotten switched from Wednesda to Thursday nights, so I had to stay behind to go that evening.

I had been so tired lately, that soon after I got home from dropping off Sofie, I took a nap (a rare occasion!) hoping that I would feel a little more awake by the time I had to leave for class. Although later I felt that it kind of backfired on me…

Workshop was good though, and I left a little early to meet with the owner of the agency to discuss a little “business”, so hopefully there will be a little more work for me in the future…

I got home feeling wide awake thanks to my nap and coffee, though I was pretty hungry. I ended up staying up kind of late, so that sort of screwed up any kind of a sleep pattern I was hoping to establish… oh well, baby steps.


Little Sofie before leaving to meet with my mom that morning. I need to teach her how to properly smile for photos!


Sofia 365: Day 319

Day 319: 1.23.13

Last Wednesday was a little more of a quiet day with Sofie. The weather hadn’t been all that great the past few days so I didn’t really feel like going out anywhere; however, we needed groceries, so I headed out in the morning with Sofie to run some quick errands down the street.

When we got to the grocery store it just so happened that Sofie had a little accident in the back seat… I think that was a first. So, I had to inconspicuously try and change her diaper, take off her wet under shirt, and since I had only one pair of pants for Sofie, try and deal with the stain on it all in the back seat of my car in the QFC parking garage, and then try and finish shopping as quickly as I could. Fun times.

Once we got back home and changed Sofie’s pants the day seemed like a breeze compared to what I had finagled that morning.

Can you guess by the photo what we had for dinner that night? Well, it’s all over her face, has noodles and a red sauce on it. And no, she did not wet her pants again, the dishwasher happened to leak that night. Jeez, what was it with that day and leakage?

No, she did not wet her pants!
Spaghetti Face

Sofia 365: Day 318

Day 318: 1.22.13

Last Tuesday, I had a fun little out and about day with Sofie running errands.

I had a quick little artists meeting in the early afternoon for a runway project with local salon Obadiah and some architecture firms, called Product Runway. I’m pretty excited to be a part of it! My makeup artist friend, Alexandra, came along with me again to meet the team and then had a nice little afternoon hanging out at the near by mall.

After we had some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, I headed over to let Sofie play at the indoor play park while Alexandra went out shopping. Sofie had a lot of fun running around and going down the teenie slide like 50 times, not too social yet with the other kids, but she’s getting there!

Headed back home in the early evening and got back for a late dinner. Sofie was pretty pooped from all the playing, so I was able to get her to sleep pretty quick.  With all the sleep issues I’ve been having with her lately, it was nice to catch a few Z’s early!


Sofia 365: Day 317

Day 317: 1.21.13

Shoot, how did I get a week behind again?

Well, I guess it’s time to catch up.

I feel like I had just gotten all caught up, too.

Last Monday I had a hair styling gig in the evening so after some nice day time hang out with Sofie I headed out with my friend Alexandra, a makeup artist, to go to work in Bellevue. Jason stayed home with Sofie, and got a little help from his mom and Aunt later in the evening.

Boyy, what a crazy long night that was. I don’t think I’d ever dealt with a gypsies in real life, but it was quite an experience to say the least… It was a lot of work, for a lot of haggling, but hey, I needed the money… with that said, I probably won’t be booking jobs with gypsies any time soon, or any hagglers at that matter. I can’t under value myself!

I was glad to just get home with Sofie and go to bed, I was soo extremely exhausted.

Little Tongue
Little Tongue

Sofia 365: Day 316

Day 316: 1.20.13

Ahh, I’m all caught up and all is right with the world… mostly.

Today was definitely an improvement from the day before, though I didn’t get to spend too much time with Sofie. Jason’s mom had scheduled some Sofie time earlier this week, so I took her over to hang out with her grandma for the day. It did give Jason and I another good day to get the house more organized, I think we FINALLY have it the way we want it to be. We were able to rearrange the house and move in a bed into the bedroom so we have more sleeping options than the pull-out bed we’ve been using in the living room. I’m hoping this might also aid in the sleep issues we’ve been having with Sofie as well.

A sofa bed isn’t really the most comfortable, either, so I’m really excited about having the pillow top back!
It was all in all a pretty productive day, I was even able to make some money selling a few more clothes and items from the house that we didn’t need/want.  Earlier in the evening I went out to meet up with a friend of mine who is also a makeup artist, we have some work to do tomorrow evening so got together for a little pow wow. We ended up talking for quite a while catching up, and before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Sofie.

It looked like Sofie had a great time with her grandparents today, and she definitely seemed very tired by the time I picked her up. She fell asleep on the drive home and has been snoozing since!
She’s so adorable when she sleeps, probably more so because she’s being quiet!

Ahh, kids…

Well, I’m going to sign off for the evening. I’m going to try and get up early and get a good start to Monday. (I fee like I say that all the time, but hopefully this week, I’ll really do it!)


Little Sofie before we dropper her off at her grandma’s house. Eating her breakfast on-the-go, a bit messy, I’ll admit… but still cute!

Food Face.
Food Face.