Sofia 365: Day 309

Day 309: 1.13.13

Sunday, Sofie spent one last day at my parents house while I spent another afternoon working on set of the webseries (Causality).

My call time for set was a little later in the day, so before leaving in the morning, Jason and I got up a little early to do some cleaning around the building. Our management duties had been a bit neglected over the holidays, so we did a clean sweep and got some organizing done as well.

Then I left for set and we spent another day out in the elements filming, so very very cold, I’m glad I bundled up! Once I got home and un-thawed again I was so tired!

However, one of my best friends from high school, Amber, was in town visiting for the week, so I went out to grab some coffee and catch up with her. I wanted to be able to spend as possible while she was visiting.
Amber is staying with another old friend along from high school, so I went down to pick them up and it was a nice little reunion. It honestly felt so surreal walking around back in Seattle with these girls, but it was also pretty nice too to see some old friendly faces.



Sofia 365: Day 308

Day 308: 1.12.13

Alrighty, a couple more catch-up posts from this weekend and then I’m going to allow myself time to do some fun stuff (and by that I mean, play some video games before bed.)

Saturday Sofie was off at my mom’s for the weekend, so I left the house early that morning to head out to the web series I was working on with my friend Autumn for the weekend.
Be sure to check it out –

It was FREEZING. Took about 10 minutes to even thaw my car out to drive anywhere, then we spent the whole day shooting in the basement of a cold house. Even though it was cold, it was definitely better than being outside.

The shoot was plenty fun though, and it’s always nice working with my friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all is going to come together.

I headed home later that evening to warm up and relax, Jason sort of got me back into playing video/computer games, nerdy RPG stuff, and I’m not too proud to say I’m getting pretty into it again! Hence, why I want to have some time to play before going to bed.

There does, after all need to be a balance between work and play. 🙂


Thanks to my parents for this adorable picture of Sofie from Saturday.

Stripes and stripes.
Stripes and stripes.

Sofia 365: Day 252

Day 252: 11.18.12

Sunday, I was back on set doing makeup for my friend Autumn’s web series. We were back at my studio again, and Sofie came with me this time! I had spent so much time away from her that week that I just needed some Sofie time…
Sofie had a great time hanging around my studio and watching the goings’ on around set, and everybody loved her, of course.

After a long day hanging out on set, and doing our best to stay out of the cold, we went home to daddy.

Since Sofie was so busy being cute around set, she didn’t nap, so she was pretty tired by the time we got home (so was I). It wasn’t too long before we all were asleep.

Snack Snack.
Set Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 245

Day 245: 11.11.12

Sunday was another long day of work for me, but still fun.
After waking up and shooting out of bed (running late), I headed back down to my studio to start the day on set again for my friend’s webseries project. Not necessarily scheduled, but since they were shooting in the neighborhood again, it just made sense to have them use my space again.

I had a wedding job to do in the afternoon, but spent the morning doing makeup of another sort (some light special fx…); I do like being able to mix things up.

Shooting was unfortunately cut short that day as a huge truck was blocking the set location in the alley, (oh, Seattle low budget projects…). However, I had another job to go to anywas, so on the bright side I didn’t need to worry about who would be taking care of touch-ups on the actors after I left.

My wedding was conveniently happening just down the street from my studio, so once I packed up my kit into my car I just zipped down the street and met my bride and her fun bridesmaids just down the street at the Edgewater Hotel.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing hair and makeup for the bridal party, and finished them just in time for her evening ceremony down at the Aquarium. Sounds like fun huh?

After all that was said and done, I headed back home and got ready with Jason to go for a few drinks with our friends Autumn and Seth.
It was a fun night doing a little bar hopping around Capitol Hill, but after all was said and done, I was so ready to go home and crash. I passed out shortly before midnight. What a partier, right?

Looks like my parents had to chase Sofie around for photos, but they got her cornered. Ah well, sometimes she just doesn’t cooperate!