Sofia 365: Day 94

Day 94: 6.12.12

After spending 1 more night at my mom’s, Sofia and I drove back yesterday afternoon. The day was quite a bit gloomier than of late, but at least it wasn’t storming.

Sofie still has a bit of a runny nose, but otherwise full of her usual energy.

While I was at my mom’s I watched “Extreme Couponing”, every time I watch that show I get the urge to only buy things with coupons, but I don’t think I would really have the patience or the time to do it as extreme as some of the people on the show. It would be fun to try though… I already have a binder of coupons, I’m just not great at keeping them organized. Perhaps, an afternoon project.

Baby was a bit cranky/tired all day, but was able to get her to cooperate briefly for photos. I think she looks very sweet.

Sweet Sofia.