March Update, Me Rambling, and Sofia 365!

Hi All,

I know it seems I’ve completely dropped off earth the past few weeks, I’ve been super busy, but just wanted to do a quick update since it’s the week leading up to Sofie’s birthday.

Here’s a little of my plan for the culmination of my “Sofia 365” project, as well as what I’ve been up to lately.

Thanks for watching!

Sofia 365: Day 203

Day 203: 9.30.12

Sunday was Sofie’s last whole day at my parent’s house. I was able to find someone to fill in for me for the day on set of the web series, so I made a quick stop by set to give her the low down before Jason and I made the last trek to our old apartment to finally get it finished, empty, clean and turn in the keys.

It was definitely bitter sweet, but I was glad we moved. It was a long,¬†trans formative¬†year at that place, and we had many of Sofie’s “firsts” there, but we are ready to move on and start our new life back where we feel most at home: back in Seattle.

Here’s Sofie’s picture from Sunday, looks like she got into the cheese again.

Back on the Cheese.

Sofia 365: Day 194

Day 194: 9.21.12

Day 3 with Sofie at our new place! I had a last minute job call in to do makeup for some interviews, and it so happened that Jason wasn’t working so daddy and Sofie got to spend a nice day together.

Looks like Sofie was pretty stoked about it too!