Sofia 365: Day 46

Day 46: 4.25.12

Had another job in the early morning so Sofie went to her grandma’s again. Once we got back in the afternoon we didn’t really end up doing much, just hanging out at home and tinkering around the house.

Sofie had her cup with water, and didn’t really seem to want to let go of it.

Sip sip.

Sofia 365: Day 45

Day 45: 4.24.12

Tuesday, we got back home from Poulsbo in the early afternoon. I had a short business meeting to go to in the afternoon so Sofia went to her other Grandma’s house. We ended up staying for dinner and watching some Dancing with the Stars. Sofie was being a character all night, as usual.

I know I say this a lot, but look at that face!


Sofia 365: Day 44

Day 44: 4.23.12

It was another beautiful day today. Went out for lunch with Sofie and my mom in downtown Poulsbo. Got some good Himalayan food, bought Sofie a new set of wooden trucks, and played in the waterfront park.

I love this little romper Sofie is wearing, too bad she’s probably going to grow out of it soon. It is too cute!

Sweet Romper.

Sofia 365: Day 43

Day 43: 4.22.12

Had a great lunch date with the boyfriend Sunday afternoon before heading back to Poulsbo to see my mom and get Sofia. Sandwiches in Cal Anderson park, it was packed full of sunshine and people. We don’t really get enough opportunities to spend time by ourselves, so it was a nice escape for the day.

Afterwards I headed out to Poulsbo and got to my mom’s just in time for dinner and snapped a photo of Sofie in her cute summer shorts! The baby sure got a lot of sun the past few days.

Summer Shorts.

Sofia 365: Day 42

Day 42: 4.21.12

Catching up on pictures now that I am at my mom’s, spent the night last night and will again tonight before heading back home. It’s nice getting a little time to relax, sleep-in and catch up on work. Sofia was at my mom’s for the day on Saturday, but it looks like my mom was able to successfully get a picture of her. Hooray!

Lots of beautiful sunshine all weekend, Sofie had a great time playing outside.


Sofia 365: Day 41

Day 41: 4.20.12

We met up with my mom for lunch in downtown today. Some good sushi and bento boxes at a Japanese restaurant in the International District. Sofie will be at my mom’s for the next night or two while I get some work done. Tomorrow is a bridal consultation, and I will also be shooting a commercial in Bellevue. Lots of work, but this is good! Time to get out of this constraining financial hole!

Snapped this shot before heading off to Seattle earlier this afternoon.

I will miss Sofie tonight!

Sunshine Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 40

Day 40: 4.19.12

The weather ended up being pretty nasty today. Pouring rain.
I had a last minute gig come up for a Microsoft shoot so Sofie spent most of the day wit her grandma and great aunt.

Sofie really liked the necklace I was wearing today, I couldn’t get her to hold still so I bribed her with it.

Cheeky little bugger.

Necklace Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 39

Day 39: 4.18.12

The weather started out a bit questionable this morning, but it ended up being a beautiful day. Took Sofie out to the park after running some errands, she really enjoyed running around out in the grass. Picking flowers, and chasing dogs.

Snapped this photo right before we left, you can see she had her bunny and she was ready to roll.

A little extra today, I also uploaded a video of Sofie playing in the grass and flowers. Enjoy!

Ready to Roll!


Sofia 365: Day 38

Day 38: 4.17.12

Was a bit of a cloudy/rainy day today. Had some errands to run, so Sofie went to grandma’s house.

Watched some Dancing with the Stars tonight and generally just hung out. Sofie’s becoming a bit of a little dancer herself, she’ll dance to anything with a beat, even the washing machine.

Here’s Sofie with one of her current favorite books (“Go Dog Go”), looking scholarly.

Scholarly baby.

Sofia’s 11 Month Update!

Hi guys, it’s been a while, but we’re back with an 11 month update with Sofia. I can’t believe she is almost a year old!
She’s being a bit of a fussy pants in this video, so bear with us.

Enjoy the video, I’ve also posted a couple photos from a park outing a few weeks ago below.

Thanks for watching, I promise there will be more to come very soon!