Sofia 365: Day 76

Day 76: 5.25.12

My mom was taking Sofie for the weekend on Friday so we left the house early to meet up with her for lunch downtown before they hoped on the ferry. Ate some delicious Thai food and did a little shopping at Nordstrom. Found a dress for Sofie on sale there, it’s super cute. Perfect for a special occasion.

After that I dropped Sofia and my mom off down at the ferry for the weekend. I swear, it’s never any easier dropping her off, it’s hard to watch her go!

I’m sure they had a great weekend, the weather was beautiful and I’m sure my dad was glad to have such a welcome when he got back home!

Sad Face

Sofia 365: Day 75

Day 75: 5.24.12

Sorry for the posting delays! It’s been an incredibly busy weekend! My dad got back from two and a half months in Hawaii late Friday night. I had work scheduled all weekend so Sofia went to my mom’s so my dad had a surprise when he got home.

This picture is from Thursday, trying to play catch-up… Photos for Saturday thru Monday will be posted once I get back to my mom’s this Tuesday.

Love this picture of Sofie, we had a lot of errands to run that day, and she was so patient and well behaved, I was impressed. I loved this whole outfit on her, she’s such a character.


Sofia 365: Day 74

Day 74: 5.23.12

There just aren’t enough hours in the day! I feel like I’m constantly up and doing something, but I’m not complaining. I need that. I need to keep my mind (and body) stimulated and working; boredom just doesn’t suit me. You can’t be a mom without learning to multi-task, it’s just part of the job. I’ve been doing work all afternoon and into the night after Sofie goes to sleep, tomorrow is posing to be a busy another busy day for me. Going to be taking a look at a few studio spaces to see if any would be a good fit for my beauty company… I think I may have found one I like, but I don’t want to jinx it…

Well, I should be getting to bed, with these allergies, chasing Sofie, and general bodily fatigue, I need all the sleep I can get.

Enjoy this picture.

Sofie didn’t want to wear pants this afternoon.

No Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 73

Day 73: 5.22.12

Just another drizzly Seattle day. My allergies have had me in a fog the past few days, and the day before I had a sore throat. I’m not really sure what’s happening with me, but it’s left me stuffy and generally groggy. The day went by slowly yesterday, but afternoon had us jam packed with action. I have been on the search for the perfect studio space for my business to grow out of and yesterday my search re-commenced. Working from home and travelling to clients isn’t so bad, but I would love to have a separate creative space that I can share with other like-minded people for mutual business growth. I think the rest of my day today will probably be spent on searching for studio spaces, crossing my fingers that something will pop up…

Last night was the finale of Dancing with the Stars, this season has had me pretty rapt, I really did like most of the dancers on the show, although I was rooting for Katherine. Too bad she lost, I thought she was the best of them all…

Oh well, I will probably do a post in the next few days for Sofie’s 14 month update, only if I can get her to be quiet long enough for me to do it.

Well, it’s back to work. See you all later!


Sofia 365: Day 72

Day 72: 5.21.12

It was pouring ALL DAY!

Even when I tried to duck out of the house for a bit with Sofie to run to the store, it was raining hard. Didn’t get a break all day, and the weather just started to seem like it was getting nice…

We were pretty much cooped up inside the house all day today, I just ended up baking some banana bread and doing laundry. I feel like I do laundry way too often…

Oh, and did I mention, I also chopped off part of my finger today making dinner. That added to a bit of the excitement for the day… It honestly didn’t hurt as bad as it looks, my fingers slipped while I was chopping onions and it ended up chopping my fingernail and skin instead. Here’s the pic if you’re not squeamish. (I recently just started using Instagram, I like it! You can follow me at “missmichellemai”.)

Sofie was not very cooperative for photos today, it’s hit and miss, some days she’s really into it, other days she’d rather mess around with me and not listen to a word I say. This was one of those days… luckily I could get her to sip her water and stand still for a few seconds so I could get a semi-decent shot out of her… scowling, but still cute.

Scowly juice.

Sofia 365: Day 71

Day 71: 5.20.12

It was just another lazy pajamas day today. The weather was pretty sad and dreary outside, it was raining for basically the entire day. I just decided to stay in my sweats and hang out at home. Did a little bit of house-cleaning but for the most part just lazed around. I think Sofie felt a little cooped up, but I’m sure we’ll end up going out somewhere tomorrow.

Sofie’s really getting the hang of this posing thing. When she sees my camera now, she runs to the wall and stands still. She doesn’t always listen, but I think she’s getting less and less camera shy by the day. I threw in a few extra photos today since they were so cute.

Lazy Day Baby.
Looking up.
Messing Around.

Sofia 365: Day 70

Day 70: 5.19.12

I went to a  creative meet-up yesterday to check out a new photography studio in Seattle called RustiQue studios. I hadn’t gone to anything like that in a long time so was really excited to do some really cool and different makeup looks and network with new people. I will be sure to post the photos from that event up in my Beauty Blog once I get them from the photographers.

Took this shot of Sofie before I headed out. The weather started getting cold again yesterday so I layered her up a bit. Love that slouchy sweater, her expressions were a bit on the goofy side yesterday. Can’t quite tell if she’s scowling or just making a face at me.


Sofia 365: Day 69

Day 69: 5.18.12

Had work early in the day today, so I had to wake Sofie up to drop her off at her grandma’s house. She’s not so used to getting up that early, so she took quite a bit of a nap this afternoon and I tucked her in early tonight. I’m not complaining though, sure I had to get up even earlier, but hey, I have more time to myself tonight.

Friday night, watching tv, eating cookies and tinkering around on the computer. Not too bad…

Sofie loves to play with these plastic eggs we got from Easter. I put smaller eggs inside the large one, and when she opens it, she always seems so amazed. Pretty soon she won’t be as easily impressed, so I better milk it while I can!


Sofia 365: Day 68

Day 68: 5.17.12

Went a little over board on the pink yesterday. The weather was a little cooler, so I thought it would be okay to layer Sofie up. Don’t know if she quite liked it or not… well, I thought it was cute.

Pink Overload.

Sofia 365: Day 67

Day 67: 5.16.12

It was a slow day today, just stayed home. Didn’t even really do that much either… I was thinking of taking Sofie out, the pool is open now, but I just felt sluggish. Woke up and tried to do P90x with Jason, but we’re not necessarily the best at motivating each other.

I did eventually get dressed and take Sofie out for a bit this afternoon. We walked around the complex a bit, and she was fascinated by the pool. She just stood at the fence overlooking the swimming area, watching people and kids play. I kind of felt like a creep standing over the pool, so I tried to get her to move along as best I could. By that point I could tell she was getting tired and hungry. For whatever reason, her nap was cut short this afternoon… I attempted to get her back to sleep, knowing that we would all just end up grumpy and miserable if she didn’t, but of course, she woke up. So, she ended up falling asleep early tonight, hopefully she will sleep through the night… She’s definitely made improvements in her sleep schedule, so have I.

Here she is in her little shorts. Just adorable.

Shorts Weather.