Sofia 365: Day 210

Day 210: 10.7.12

Sunday, we took another trip down to the local farmers market to get some fresh fruits, veggies and general yummy food. Sofie had another great time seeing lots of dog dogs and eating up the samples of awesome local foods.

After the market we went home to eat all of the deliciousness we bought and had a nice quiet (as quiet as you can get with a baby) evening at home.

As always, Sofie was being a little goof for her photos. I threw in a little extra action shot of her since it was so good. 🙂

Bows and bows.
Outtake: Intense Face!

Sofia 365: Day 207

Day 207: 10.4.12

Yesterday was another day of little errands with Sofie. It’s so nice having pretty much everything I need within walking distance. All I have to do is walk out the door, stick Sofie in a stroller, and wham, we’re there! Grocery store, park, shopping… it’s pretty sweet.

Sofia has had so much energy lately, she’s been staying up a little later than I’d like, might have to start cutting down on her naps…

I also have a little something extra today. Sofie’s current favorite song is “Gangnam Style” by Psy, she can’t help but dance to it when she hears it – so I made a little video of her dancing the other day. It’s soo adorable. You can watch it down below. Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love.

Sofia 365: Day 206

Day 206: 10.3.12

Welp, it feels great to be all caught up.
It’s time I started getting back into the routine again… I still have a lot of organizing to do, but now that the busy Summer season has past, I will have much more time to focus on what I have been slacking on.

Speaking of slacking… today was a bit of a lazy day, but I think a much deserved one. With all the running around I’ve been doing the past few weeks I have been so exhausted! Sofia and I spent the whole day inside just tinkering and playing, it was nice to have a lazy day with her though, and I think she would agree.

We read books and practiced words, she’s getting very good at imitating my sounds and small phrases. Pretty soon, she’ll be talking in whole sentences!

Here she is, right after waking up from her (very long) afternoon nap; but thanks to her (very long) afternoon nap, I was able to catch up on all of my picture posts, so hooray for that!

Pajama Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 205

Day 205: 10.2.12

Phew! It feels so good to be caught up!

Yesterday was a nice day. Even with Jason still home, we couldn’t get much organizing done with Sofie around. So after tinkering around the house in the morning and Sofie took her afternoon nap, I took her out to the park in the afternoon. Sofie had so much energy running around, I have no clue where she gets it! We spent over a good hour playing at Cal Anderson, mostly going up and down the slide.

Afterwards we headed over to Jason’s mom’s house for traditional Dancing with the Stars watching for the results show.

Thankfully for me though, with all that running around I did with Sofie earlier that afternoon she was totally wiped and went to bed easily.

Here, a good example of her unending energy – even with all the running around at the park she still couldn’t hold still for a picture!

Leopard Print and Purple Pants.

Sofia 365: Day 82

Day 82: 5.31.12

Whew! What a weekend, and what a birthday! However, with all this slacking off I have a lot of photos to catch up on yet again!

Hopefully I’ll be able to whip these out while Sofie is still napping…

Thursday was a pretty quiet day if I remember, the weather wasn’t all that great so we spent most of the time inside. I believe we took this shot shortly after Sofie woke up from her nap, hence the bed head and cookie bribery. Her hair is getting so wild!

Hair Baby!

Sofia 365: Day 81

Day 81: 5.30.12

Here we are! The whole memorial day weekend thing has been throwing me off, I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. It’s Wednesday, but it feels like a Tuesday… Like I said before, I can hardly keep track of the days anyway…

Ran a few errands today and bought myself a few cute things, an early birthday gift to myself… a pair of flats, and an adorable shoulder bag, perfect for Summer. 

I’ve hardly bought anything for myself in so long, I felt a little guilty. When money’s tight it’s hard to spend money on things other than groceries or bills, but it doesn’t hurt to be a indulgent a little once in a while. Plus, they were on sale anyway. 🙂

Here’s Sofie’s pic of the day, she took a bit of a late nap so we took this shot after dinner. I really liked her outfit today, my mom buys her so many clothes, but she does a good job of picking things out. Pretty soon, this baby is gonna have more clothes than me!

Sofia 365: Day 80

Day 80: 5.29.12

Whew! Day 80! We’re about 1/4 of the way to 365 days!

Drove back early afternoon yesterday and got to my mom’s while Sofie was napping. She woke up a little while later, and had a happy surprise! She seemed groggy and disoriented, but generally happy to see me. She was full of energy the rest of the night, but I was just glad to see her!

Snapped a photo of her before dinner, she was being a slobbery little goof ball, playing with flowers again.


Sofia 365: Day 79

Day 79: 5.28.12

Aaaand, Monday. We’re almost caught up…

My last day without Sofie! I was sure missing her. Had a meeting all afternoon with some (soon to be revealed!) business partners talking about a new venture for my company, and theirs! I know I’ve been talking about this a lot lately, and I’m so excited to share it, but not yet!

Look at Sofie with the striped shirt and neon pants, girl be lookin’ like a hipster.

Oh, Belly.

Sofia 365: Day 78

Day 78: 5.27.12

Now to Sunday’s photo! Another beautiful day, but not quite as warm. I was bummed, I wanted to swim in the pool so bad. I had completely forgotten it was memorial day weekend, I mean, I usually can’t even keep track of the days of the week. Since Sofie wasn’t home yet, Jason and I decided to go out for some late night pizza up at one of my favourite restaurants on Capitol Hill. Via Tribunali, no joke, some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! I stuffed my face, without shame.

I love how mismatched Sofie is dressed in this photo, that sock and sweater combo cracks me up! Sofia is also holding a stuffed shark that my dad brought back from Hawaii. She seems to like it.


Sofia 365: Day 77

Day 77: 5.26.12

I really need to get caught up with these pictures don’t I? Got to my mom’s house early yesterday afternoon, thought about posting then but I wasn’t feeling very well. This weekend was pretty busy for me, a wedding trial, bachelorette party, and two weddings! It’s good that I’m busy though, I’m thankful for it.

Here’s Saturday’s photo, it was so warm and gorgeous out, too bad I was stuck inside working most of the day. I’m sure there will be plenty more nice weekends to come though. Not sure if Sofie had something in her mouth, her cheeks look pretty full. Good thing my dad is home now so my mom had some help wrangling her for photos.

Chubby Cheeks.