Sofia 365: Day 223

Day 223: 10.20.12

Well, let’s see if I can get at least half-way through these catch-up posts before passing out tonight (yay, optimism)!

That Saturday, I spent the day hanging out with Sofie and my mom at my parents house. Since I was mom’s designated chauffeur, I shuttled her around town to run errands and go grocery shopping.

I was glad to be able to help out my parents, even in a little way. My parents also love seeing Sofie, and I get my meals cooked for me, so it’s a win all around!


Sofia 365: Day 222

Day 222: 10.19.12

Ack! Drives me nuts how I feel like I’m always play catch-up. It’s November already and I’m still like 2 weeks behind!

Well, at least I’m getting this done now. I need to make a resolution this month to try and post every day. It’ll save me so much work, but sometimes I just don’t have the time…

Ah well… Anyways. When was this now? The 19th was 2 Fridays ago… I had headed over to my parents place to spend a couple of days and help out my parents again. My mom was still recovering from the accident, so I volunteered to be her “personal driver” for the weekend since she didn’t have a car to drive.

So, Sofie and I headed over to Poulsbo after running a few errands and got there in the late afternoon, just in time for dinner!

Here’s Sofia, all cleaned up and happy after her bath. Love her little Hello Kitty slippers. 🙂

Slippers and Beads.

Sofia 365: Day 221

Day 221: 10.18.12

Last Thursday, I got called up for another last-minute makeup gig, so Sofie went over to her grandma’s again for another day. I checked in again with my parents, and my mom was starting to do better and slowly move around again. Sofia seemed to have forgotten about the accident all together.

I spent another long, busy day working, my feet were so sore by the end, I was really looking forward to just sitting down! After I picked up Sofie, we headed home and crashed not long after. I was just really looking forward to the week being over.

Here’s Sofie from the morning before we left, sorry it’s so blurry, she wouldn’t hold still!


Sofia 365: Day 220

Day 220: 10.17.12

As much as I would have liked to have just stayed home and cuddled with Sofie all day, Wednesday, I was back working due to a prior obligation. Sofie headed over to her other grandma’s house. Luckily, it was a short job so I could get back to Sofie without getting too late.

I called my parents that morning to check on how my mom was healing, she was still pretty sore from the accident but doing well. Sofie a bit irritable getting into the car, but otherwise her normal, goofy self. I also got a bunch of calls from the dueling insurance companies regarding the accident (which we’re still dealing with currently).

After I finished my quick music video gig, I headed back to the apartment to pick up a few items. Somehow I got to cleaning… the house (and the building) was really due for some spiffing up. I ended up mopping, vacuuming, and dusting not only the apartment, but the entire building (it is my job as a resident manager after all… no really). Maybe it was something cathartic with the accident happening the day before. Maybe I deal with drama in my life by cleaning? Who knows, but I ended up scrubbing around for about 3 hours. I kind of felt like a freak.
I was also pretty exhausted afterwards, but quite proud of what I had done. The building didn’t look like it had seen a duster in years… vast improvement, I would certainly say…

Anyhoo, I got back to Jason’s mom’s in the early evening. Jason had already went straight over after work. We hung out for a bit then headed back home after dinner; I was wiped! Also, Sofie was not being very cooperative with the photos this time… so this was the best I could get!

Leopard Child.