Sofia 365: Day 224

Day 224: 10.21.12

Sleep or get things done? Hmmm… for now, I’m trying to get things done. So here’s another post since I’m so sadly behind!

Sunday (two weeks ago…), I spent the day at my parents again with Sofie. My dad watched football with her again, or tried to, and now every time Sofie sees it on TV she does her hardest to yell “football!” but it comes out sounding more like “boo-bow”. She knows I know what she means…

After that, we headed back home to Seattle, and lo and behold when I got home I realized I forgot my camera at my parents house. (Oof…) So I had to resort to my crappy cellphone camera to get her picture for the day. Oh well… I mean, for forgetting my camera only a couple other times this year, I don’t think that’s too bad, right?

Either way, Sofie always looks cute anyways.

Heart Pants.