Sofia 365: Day 196

Day 196: 9.23.12

And then it was Sunday.

Our first weekend at our new apartment was nearly over and we were really enjoying it. After spending the morning doing some work, we headed over with Sofie to the local farmers market to pick up some dinner. We even ran into a few friends while we were out, something that I expect to be doing more and more of in this neighborhood.

All in all it was a great productive day, and we got some good family time in as well.

What is Sofie doing with these papers? Who knows? She does look quite mischievous though.

Paper Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 190

Day 190: 9.17.12

Two Monday’s ago, I finally got Sofie back from my parent’s, but we still had a lot of moving and organizing to do. Jason’s parents offered to help watch Sofie while we continued to pack, and since our new managerial duties kicked in at our new apartment we had a LOT of work to do; so Sofie went over and spent a little time with her other grandpa and grandma.

Here’s Sofie, fresh out of bath time. What a goof.

Bath Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 133

Day 133: 7.21.12

Yikes! It’s been over a week since I posted last. Time to blast through these photos and catch up to the present!

Sofie was over at my parent’s house all last weekend as I was working, and also spending my evenings enjoying some time at the Capitol Hill Block Party with Jason.

Saturday was a beautiful day out, wish I was able to spend some more time outside, but after having a bit of a stressful morning doing hair and makeup for a wedding it was nice to unwind a bit and enjoy my night out with Jason and some good friends. Heard some good music, caught up with old friends, and got quite a good amount of socializing in, which rarely happens in this household!

Sofie was reportedly causing a little trouble at my parent’s house, not wanting to pose for photos and what not, but I still think they got a pretty decent one. What a colorful shirt!

Summer Brights.