Sofia 365: Day 278

Day 278: 12.13.12

I’ve made it my goal to be all caught up by Christmas day, let’s see if I can make this happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday was not too eventful of a day.
I had an appointment that morning about half an hour south of my parents house, so I headed out after breakfast to get there on time.
After my meeting was all said and done I headed back home in time for lunch. Sofie had another chiropractor appointment that afternoon, so my mom, Sofie and I headed out again later that day for the appointment, did a little grocery shopping on the way back and spent the rest of the evening at home hanging out.

Deer in the Headlights.
Deer in the Headlights.

Sofia 365: Day 277

Day 277: 12.12.12

Hope you all are having a great Christmas eve. We’re just spending a quiet day at home, trying to get some more posts up while Sofie is napping!

Ahh yes, 12/12/12!
I guess nothing really significant happened on that day, although I felt that it should have, maybe?

I slept in again with Sofie, and after getting dressed and having breakfast Iย headed over to my mom’s later that afternoon since I had some business in the area on the next day.

We took a driver over that afternoon, and once I got there I realized I forgot my camera. Bummer.
But that was okay since my parents had a camera we could use, but please just excuse the camera quality for the next few photos since it’s not quite as good as my dslr ๐Ÿ˜‰ .


Sofia 365: Day 276

Day 276: 12.11.12

Good progress tonight, good progress! I think I can drag a few more posts out of me, but it’ll be nighty night soon after.


Tuesday ended my busy work spree that I had going for nearly a week. I had worked like that tons before but, I for some reason it felt different to me, maybe because I was doing something different every day.

This time, I was asked by another director friend of mine to help with hair and makeup for a fashion promotional video for a local designer (Doberman Menswear).
It was going to be another long day, and Sofie stayed home again with Jason.

Call time was early, so I got up and headed out in the morning before Sofie woke up. The morning part of the shoot was super cold since we were out in an open warehouse in south Seattle, work for me was pretty minimal since we had just a male model, but it’s always fun to be on set no matter how big or small. After the morning shoot we had a short break for lunch before we headed to our second location for the rest of the day.

I popped by home for a bit to tidy up and get a little work done before heading back out. Jason had taken Sofie out to his moms for the day so I had just missed them when I came home for break.
But, soon after I headed out again and picked up the model for the evening shoot. The model also happened to be my friend Kay, the same girl from the music video I had shot just a few days previous. The director had needed a model for this fashion shoot, so I had asked her if she was interested in being a part of it once I reconnected with her for the music video. Funny how things sometimes work out, isn’t it?

The rest of the afternoon was much warmer since we were shooting inside of a really cool house in Queen Anne. It had incredible views of Seattle and the Sound, I was so jealous. I also got to do some pretty fun red-themed makeup, something else I’ll do my best to share in the near future on my makeup blog!

It was another long day, but I headed home around the same time Jason and Sofie were headed back. I got an early start on dinner and by the time everyone was home we got to sit down and enjoy our meal and the rest of the evening together.

I was glad that I was done with work for the time being so I could spend more time with the fam.

Can you tell Dad dressed Sofie that day? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sofia 365: Day 275

Day 275: 12.10.12

I’m catching up! This is good, I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again, but just barely…

Monday I still wasn’t scott free from work, I had a photo shoot that morning with a new model from a local agency looking to get her head shots and some fashion shots to expand her portfolio. I was working with a talented local photographer (Jami Davis) whom I had worked with about a month or so before, so I was very excited to see what new shots we could get that day.
Jason had been laid off for a few weeks and still wasn’t back to work, so Sofie stayed home with him for the morning.

I headed down to my studio where we were doing the hair and makeup prep with the model then headed out around the neighborhood to get shots. We did about 3 or 4 different looks then called it a day. I’m super excited to see how the photos turn out!

After I finished up, I headed home to Sofie and Jason and spent the rest of the day hanging out.
Not really sure how we ended up with this goofy picture of Sofie, but I think it’s pretty priceless!

What the?
What the?

Sofia 365: Day 274

Day 274: 12.9.12

Think my worked stopped that Sunday? Think again!

I was asked earlier that week from a director friend of mine to do a quick hair and makeup job for a book trailer that afternoon.

So after sleeping in as much as I could at my parents house, Sofie and I got up and headed out again. With all the running around I’d been doing lately with her, I was surprised by how good of a sport she was!
I stopped by the apartment on Capitol Hill to meet up with Jason and drop off Sofie with him for the day while I went to work. I popped by my friends house to do hair and makeup for about an hour, then spent a bit of time doing some prep work on myself since I had some head shots to take that afternoon.

Yes, I said head shots. I decided to try and dabble back into acting again, so got hooked up with a local talent agency that is hiring me on as a stylist as well as adding me to their acting roster! So after spending some time at the agency, I got my photos and then headed home just in time for dinner with Jason and Sofie.

It was another long day, but I was glad that this time I was able to come home and have the whole family together, at home, as it should be.


Sofia 365: Day 273

Day 273: 12.8.12

Progress! Success! (Still about a week and a half to go…)

Saturday came around and it was music video time for a local band Sleepy Pilot. This time, I was only doing hair styling, but I was looking forward to spending the day on a cool set (Antique Mall!) and also catch up with my old friend Kay, who was also the model for the music video.

Call time was not until noon, but I got up early to finish up the rest of my prep work for the shoot. After breakfast I got packed and ready to head out for the day, before I left I remembered to snap a picture of Sofie since I wouldn’t be getting back until pretty late that evening.

I left Poulsbo and made my way up to Tacoma to do some work and make a great video! It was a long day, but the crew was great, the band was great, and I also had a great time exploring the Antique Mall we were shooting in. I was pretty proud of the hairstyle I was able to create also, it will all be shared eventually on my makeup blog!

After a long day of work, I finally got home shortly after midnight. I was so beat, and after a quick hot shower, I headed off to dream land and snuggled in bed with Sofie.

Sweet little Sofie, just what I needed after a long day!


Sofia 365: Day 272

Day 272: 12.7.12

Friday the 7th was another early morning for Sofie and I.
Since my friend Camille’s engagement shoot was early in the morning Sofie and I woke up at the crack of dawn (in this case around 6) to get ready and head over to my her house to help her get ready.

My friend also had a son, just a couple years older, so Sofie and him played together while the adults got to do makeup and catch up!
I was really excited to be able to do makeup for Camille, I hadn’t seen her in ages and I was really glad I got to see her. Sofie also got to make a new friend too, which is always great!

After our morning appointment Sofie and I did a little shopping at the craft store to pick up a few more items for my music video job that weekend. Then, we headed home to hang out and I spent my afternoon sewing and doing more prep work for the next day.

Love her face in this one! Shy and surprised!


Sofia 365: Day 271

Day 271: 12.6.12

Thursday, I was still busy with prep and errands for my upcoming jobs that weekend. In the morning, Sofie came along with me to my makeup artist friend, Jennifer’s, house to pick up a few wigs for a music video I had coming up Saturday. After stopping by and visiting that morning, I ran up to Bothell for a meeting with a couple more artist friends of mine to discuss some ideas we had for a future new beauty studio. We spent a couple hours talking and sharing thoughts and ideas, I was pretty excited with our plans coming out of it.
Then, after the meeting Sofie and I dashed home to meet with another old friend, who was going to be a model for the music video I had coming up this weekend. After chatting for a little while about hairstyles, my friend left our house. But the day wasn’t over yet!

I had a meeting with another old friend of mine the next day in Silverdale (about 15 minutes from my parents house) to do her makeup for her engagement shoot, so since it was going to be such an early morning meeting, Sofie and I drove over to my parents house that evening to spend the night.

Needless to say, it was a very long day, and we were both very pooped by the end of it!

Busy Baby.
Busy Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 147

Day 147: 8.4.12

Saturday was a HOT, HOT day.

I had to get up early to drive to a wedding which was about an hour and a half away; even at 6 am it was still about 70 degrees. No joke.

I hardly realized the temperature change because I had been working inside with my bride and her bridesmaids all morning, but the instant I stepped outside of that air conditioned building the humidity and heat hit me like a brick wall. It was sweltering, all I could think about was hope that the bride wouldn’t melt in her dress! She did look absolutely fabulous though, if I say so myself!

Once I got back from my wedding I had to head straight to my studio to meet another bride for a trial session. I think I did pretty great with her as well.

Sofie kept cool in her pool at my parent’s house all day. Lucky her, wish I could have hopped in a pool!
Anyways, after that long, long day I still had to prepare to take a ferry over to my parent’s house for my wedding on Sunday because it was in Poulsbo.

You’d think that after I finished my trial session I would have been home free, but no, I somehow had managed to “lose” my car keys so I was stuck. After about an hour of freaking out, being hungry, thinking I had locked my keys in my trunk and calling Jason and having him bring out his spare keys to me, I still didn’t find my keys. They weren’t in my trunk, not in my car, not anywhere between where I had parked and my studio, which wasn’t very far at all… After some exasperation I checked inside my purse again.

(This is the part where I hit myself in the head, hard)

The keys had slipped into a pocket I didn’t even know had existed until that point, hence the whole not being able to find it part. I felt like an idiot, but all I really wanted to do was get to my parents home and sleep.

I caught the next ferry back over and finally got home around 10pm, from waking up at 5:30 am to going to bed around 11, I pulled a pretty long and eventful day.

I’m just at least glad that I could snuggle up next to Sofie at the end of it all.

Serious Face.