I just wanted to make a quick post about one of my little rabbits, Sakura.

We lost her last week, the night before the 4th. I had her for 11 years! To put it in perspective, it’s a little more than half of my life.

A while after I got my boy rabbit Chibi, we decided that he needed a friend. We went to the local pet store and bought little black Sakura.

She was returned to the store after another owner had her for a few months and couldn’t take care of her, she looked so sweet and was the only bunny that came up to the front of the cage, so we took her home.

They are both cute little Netherland Dwarfs. It took a while for Chibi and Sakura to warm up to each other, but soon they were fast friends and had been so for 11 furry years.

Sakura was small, but feisty, and certainly gave my fingers a few rabbit teeth sized scars.
I know Chibi is missing her tons, but I know Sakura will be waiting for him when it’s his time.

My parents gave her a little plot down in the yard by some flowers, and eventually Chibi will be right next to her.

RIP Sakura, we will miss you!

One of the last photos I took of her, just a couple weeks ago.
Sakura (Left), and Chibi (Right) circa 2009.

Sofia 365: Day 29

Day 29: 4.8.12

Working on getting all caught up again.

There were a few hiccups, but I know that we’re back on track now. There’s more pictures for me to post, so I’ll just get to it!

Look at Sofie in her Easter dress, she looked so cute that day, too bad I was feeling too sick to really go anywhere with her. Not that she’ll really remember this Easter anyways. Next year, we’ll go egg hunting.

Hope Easter Baby.

Sofia 365: Day 23

Day 23: 4.2.12

I am so behind! I know, I’m sorry. It’s yet again been another busy week…
She would just not hold still for this picture, so this is the best one we got!

Bunny Baby.