Sofia 365: Day 168

Day 168: 8.26.12

Sorry for the sporadic catch-up posts! I swear I will get them all done today!
Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend – I’ve been pretty busy with work, but luckily had today off.

Last Sunday was the day after we got back from Orcas Island; Sofie was actually making her very first movie debut with a little role in the feature film I was doing hair and makeup for. She came with me in the morning to hang out on set before her scene as I got everybody else ready for the day.
Jason came a little later to hang out and watch, once it was time for her scene I was worried she would be a fussy mess, she had been up all morning and had been pretty antsy. Surprisingly, she did super well!
After lunch, she went home with her dad and promptly fell asleep. I worked for the rest of the day and luckily got to go home a little earlier than planned.

All in all, a very good day.
I’ll post some behind the scenes photos in the future, once we’ve gotten permission to share!

OH! And I’d almost forgotten to mention – it was my mother’s birthday too last Sunday, so happy (belated) birthday mom!

Deer in the Headlights.