Sofia 365: Day 139

Day 139: 7.27.12

Yay! We’re all caught up again. It’s a good feeling.

Yesterday (Friday) was a lazy day. After all the working and running around I ‘d done the past week I just wanted a day to stay in my sweats, not worry about looking presentable or putting my makeup on. Did do a little laundry though, and spent most of the day rolling around on the floor with Sofie… Yes, really, I would say 50% of the day was spent on the floor in some form or another.

I’d gotten a little too lazy and almost forgot to take Sofie’s picture again, remembered after dinner though and was able to get a few good shots. We decked her out in beads and she also wanted to have her shoes for the photo. I thought she looked pretty fly.
Threw in an extra one today too, it’s a bit blurry, but her face is pretty fantastic.


Just Another Pajama’s Day.
The Awesomeness that is Sofie.

Sofia 365: Day 138

Day 138: 7.26.12

Almost there, almost there!

Hopefully Sofie will stay napping while I wrap up with these posts!

I had to go up to Everett to meet a bride for a trial session on Thursday so Sofie went over to her other grandma’s house for the afternoon. It was over at my friend Hannah’s house who owns her own beauty company as well, we had two trials happening at the same time, so it was a pretty fun experience. I was actually pretty proud of the work I did, and I can’t wait for the wedding!

After getting home I had almost forgot to take Sofie’s photos again, and she wasn’t being all too cooperative either. I had let her play with these holographic dog cards and she has been obsessed with looking at them since. I think it’s cool to her (or maybe just trippy) ┬áthat the pictures move. I was trying to lure her over to the wall with the cards but only succeeded in having her hold still if she kissed the picture of the dog on the card.
So there you have it, all you can see is Sofie’s bright blue eyes!

Card Baby.