Sofia 365: Day 233

Day 233: 10.30.12

Ahh yes, I’m going to get these posts done tonight! I will, I will! Now that I’m just a week from catching up to the present, I feel the determination in me kicking in…

Last Tuesday morning was a rainy one. I was scheduled to meet the photographer I was working on the photo series on the past month to pick up some boxes of bobby pins that I had left at the last shoot we had done. So Sofia and I drove down the street to meet him at a coffee shop and look over some of the photos he had taken. I was really happy with how everything turned out, and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the final edits come together. I think it’ll be really great!

After our meeting, my parents were in Seattle for a little bit so I met them briefly since they had a few things to drop off at my house; Sofie was screaming and upset the whole while back home, so when I realized we’d forgotten her stuffed bunny at the coffee shop I had to double back to go pick it up. Lo and behold she stops crying the minute we get the little guy.

It was such a rainy day, we couldn’t really go anywhere, so we spent the rest of the day at home just tinkering about until we met the person moving out next door for a final walk-through inspection.

Unfortunately Sofie was also a little sick, and a little puke-y, so we took it easy the rest of the night with her.

Being building managers is a lot of work, but I actually really like having the responsibility. But maybe I’m just weird, and I like being super organized and busy…

Either way, I just really like my building and my neighborhood, and I think Sofie likes Seattle much better than Renton too.

Here she is, rocking her new dress that my mom bought for her the weekend before. What a silly pants, those little faces!

New dress baby.

Sofia 365: Day 137

Day 137: 7.25.12

The weather was gorgeous out on Wednesday!

My mom was excited because she had wanted Sofie to wear this outfit for a while (and it’s adorable!), but was worried she would get too big for it before the weather was nice enough! For a while it seemed like the sun would never come out this summer… glad it finally decided to! (Also glad it’s not 234923857 degrees like in some other parts of the country!) I’m using a lot of exclamation points!

Left my parents house with Sofie in the early afternoon, Jason was glad to have the whole family back home.

Took these photos before leaving, Sofie wanted to put her sun hat on, she also wanted her doggy backpack/leash in the picture. I mean, look at that face, who could say no to that!

Sunny Sun Hat.