Sofia 365: Day 299

Day 299 1.3.13

Yesterday, Sofie and I headed out to my parent’s house for a belated New Years visit. We took a nice walk to the start the day to grab some late morning breakfast at our friendly nearby Starbucks cause I didn’t feel like making breakfast that morning and I had a gift card to burn through.

After heading home and eating, we packed up some launder to take over to my parents then headed out for the rest of the day. Sofie took a nice little nap on the drive there, and we got to my parents house just before dinner.
Sofie really loves seeing the dogs at my parents house. My corgi Benji, recently had some surgery to remove a small benign tumor from his side, so he still has a scar from it, Sofie sees it and says he has a “bo-bo”. We reassure her that he’ll be okay.

On the downside, it seems that Sofie might be slightly allergic to dogs. She always get’s a slight rash whenever she touches them. Something we’ll need to look into in the future…