Sofia 365: Day 320

Day 320: 1.24.13

More catching up… yes yes…

Last Thursday, Sofie had one last appointment with the chiropractor to make sure she was all good to go, so I went down to the ferry that morning to drop her off with my mom. I would have gone with, but my acting workshop had gotten switched from Wednesda to Thursday nights, so I had to stay behind to go that evening.

I had been so tired lately, that soon after I got home from dropping off Sofie, I took a nap (a rare occasion!) hoping that I would feel a little more awake by the time I had to leave for class. Although later I felt that it kind of backfired on me…

Workshop was good though, and I left a little early to meet with the owner of the agency to discuss a little “business”, so hopefully there will be a little more work for me in the future…

I got home feeling wide awake thanks to my nap and coffee, though I was pretty hungry. I ended up staying up kind of late, so that sort of screwed up any kind of a sleep pattern I was hoping to establish… oh well, baby steps.


Little Sofie before leaving to meet with my mom that morning. I need to teach her how to properly smile for photos!


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